Paypal denied appeal...

  1. I need your help...advice.

    I sold something on eBay and the winning bidder was from South Korea. I mailed the package the next day thru USPS Priority Mail. Three weeks later, buyer filed a charge back on Paypal for an item she claimed not received. According to the USPS online tracking , it was delivered 6 days later. I then sent the buyer (who has confirmed paypal address),and Paypal scanned copies of customs form with the tracking number and receipt from USPS which shows the details on shipping. However, Paypal is declining my appeal as they said I am not protected since they require a signature required delivery for items over $250. I am basically SOL. I am still in correspondence with the buyer and she said that she went to her post office and that they couldnt confirm whether the package has been delivered or not. She suspects that the item was delivered to someone else.

    Now, it will just be my luck if the buyer reverses the chargeback. If not, I will be without the bag and a negative balance ($805)in my account. I just dont know how to go from here. I thought presenting proof that the item has been delivered would be sufficient but Paypal would not reverse the charge back. :sad:

    Thanks for reading and any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Oh my goodness never heard this one as I always have used the PayPal shipping and the delivery conformation. Let us know as this will be another hit that sellers are having to bear and this really is horrible.
  3. ^Same here!'d think with the thing having said it was delivered that that would be good enough!
  4. I think the only thing you might be able to do at this point would be to file a claim with USPS, assuming you purchased insurance (I think some amount is included with international shipping), since they can't say for sure that it was delivered. Since you didn't follow the seller protection policy, I think Paypal is on pretty solid ground in saying that they don't have to reimburse you. For future reference, USPS Global Priority is not covered at all by Paypal's Seller Protection Policy. Always use Global Express when shipping an expensive item internationally (even to Canada!)

    Sorry you lost your money--it certainly isn't fair.
  5. Even if you had requested signature confirmation (which is why I always ship USPS Global Express Mail, since only that requires signature), unless you are shipping to UK or Canada all other countries outside of the US do not qualify for seller protection since they are not confirmed addresses. They may tell you now that it's signature confirmation but if you had it, they would tell you it's because the buyer was outside their protection area. Have you tried calling the buyer?
  6. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that. I can not believe that happened to you.
  7. There are just too many loopholes where buyers are not protected and it makes selling anything on eBay very hazardous.

    I am sorry to hear of your circumstances. I think the buyer will win.
  8. Wow - after reading about all these problems with Paypal's seller protection, a US seller is really only protected when we ship to a confirmed address in the US, Canada and the UK. That's too bad since some of my nicest buyers over the years have come from Australia, Korea and Japan!

    Unfortunately it's not worth the risk anymore.

  9. so sorry to hear this, this is why i only ship to the U.S. and sometimes canada..
  10. Recently I've heard a lot of horrible stories on buyers from Korea. Sometimes the Korean buyer will tell the seller to lie on the custom form so the item would not be insured for the full amount (usually around $500 for designer purses), and then the buyer file a chargeback. The seller is out the item and money, and cannot file insurance claim.

    Try contacting your local PO and Korean PO, and do an investigation, there should be a # you can track with, like on the custom form. It seems like that Paypal is fighting with the buyer's credit card company, and you should contact Paypal on the phone.
  11. Yes. Shipping internationally (almost) always means the SPP is voided.
  12. This is what exactly happened to me. She keeps emailing me and instructing me that her country imposed too much tax on items costing over $XX..., and that I only put a certain amount and check the box that indicates gift. tsk tsk

    Now she is saying she's confused, blah, blah...when she is about to get her money back ...and I on the other hand feeling hopeless for being without the bag that cost me over $1K...and having to deal with a negative balance in my paypal account. I'm basically screwed unless the package shows up, but the likelihood of that happening is next to none. It's been almost a month now!

    I also contacted Paypal thru phone and emails and I get the same dialogue. I will contact USPS and see if they can do an investigation. The only thing is...which I feel foolish about is the amount indicated in the customs form is waaaaaay lower than the actual price of the bag! Goodness! What a pain!!!! But I really dont have anyone to blame but myself or the post office or maybe the buyer is lying about not receiving the package!

    Thanks for everyone's thoughts, comments on this issue!
  13. So sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately I don't have any alternate advice, but I hope it works out in your favor.
  14. I am so sorry this happened! In my listing, I always indicated no international shipping. If an international buyer with good reputation wants to bid on it, I would insist using USPS Global Express since that is the only USPS shipping method which can be insured and traceable (signature required). We all know eBay is full of ***. We have to find a way to protect ourselves. I really hope this will be a happy ending, and wish this buyer would be an honest buyer.
  15. After reading of this happening to you, I am going to change my international shipping policy. What a horrible thing to have happen to you! I have done as you did many times. I ship all the time to countries all over the world, and I have never had a problem. But I can see if I did have a problem, I would be the one on the losing end. Almost all of the non-US countries are non-verified - so unless we insure for the full value, we will always lose if the item is over $250.00, and the buyer says that they did not receive.