PayPal declines to refund for a fake bag

  1. Here is what happened. All these points can be proved from written emails:
    1. I saw a brown Gryson Skye on eBay and submitted best offer
    2. Seller contacts me via regular email and wants money order or check
    3. I insist on PayPal (because of buyer protection) and seller finally agrees
    4. I said I will only buy if the bag is 100% authentic and the seller had money back guarantee. Seller agrees
    5. Seller sends me an invoice through PayPal (not eBay), I paid for the bag. The bag came after several days.
    6. I bought several Gryson bags from Gryson's web site and when those bags arrived, I realized the brown Skye was a fake.
    7. I emailed (pictures) and talked to Gryson and they confirmed that what I bought was not authentic.
    8. I filed a claim and within 5 minutes from submitting the claim, PayPal rejected my claim saying that "attributes or quality of goods" do not matter.
    I can't believe this. Does someone know if there is any other way for me to get my money back? I am so upset!
  2. I would call their customer service. If you don't get the response you're looking for, then file a charge back with your credit card.
  3. I can do a charge back on my cc? That would be nice. I am so upset with the seller and PayPal.
  4. Yes, contact your credit card company. It is not covered by Paypal as it is an off-eBay transaction.
  5. PayPal does offer buyer protection for transactions outside of ebay but it is to a lesser degree and they will only refund if the funds are in the seller's paypal account. If not in the account, no refund even if found in your favour.
  6. ^I believe they only offer protection for an item not received not a significantly not as described.
  7. I'm not sure, I just discussed this with paypal a few weeks ago after receiving fake Tiffany jewellery.
  8. Off-ebay transactions are covered by buyer complaint policy not buyer protection policy

    From Paypal: To the extent that we provide reimbursement for losses for items that are Significantly Not as Described when received by the buyer (which we may do under all programs except the Buyer Complaint Policy), an item is Significantly Not as Described if the seller clearly misrepresented the details of the item in a way that affects its value or usability.

    So under buyer complaint policy, there is no significantly not as described protection.
  9. wow...i thought paying throught paypal would be the smartest move..but now i know.
  10. I spoke with a PayPal rep and he told me to email the resolution center. I am not really expecting anything at this point. I might call my cc and cancel if they decline to review my claim again.

    I also thought paying through PayPal was the right way to buy auction items. Well, I am not going to trust them again.
  11. ^If the seller had sent you an invoice through eBay, you would have been better off. But good luck -- you should get resolution with your credit card company.
  12. I have always had great luck disputing with my credit card company! Forget paypal and pursue that route. It may take some time for your bank to reach a resolution but in this case, you're sure to win, especially with confirmation from Gryson's website that the purse you bought is fake.
  13. I will contact my credit card company tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who gave a great advice. Wish me a good luck!
  14. oh my.. same here. I still thought Paypal is the safest way to make payment. Now I have 2nd thoughts about this. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Good Luck.
  15. Paypal is the safest way to buy from Ebay but you have to keep the whole thing through Ebay. Once you go 'off-Ebay' they are not responsible. That's why they advise buyers and sellers so often that they shouldn't do business off-Ebay. You should also send and receive all emails through their message system too.