Paypal Debit Card What a load of *****


Apr 2, 2008
I know that paypal loves to keep its hands on customers money as long as they possibly can, 21 day holds, up to 4 days for a bank transfer etc.. Which is why I was always glad I had my debit card and didnt have to wait for them to transfer money to my bank when I wanted to do a withdrawal. I got my debit card a while back, probably 2 years ago or better. Well I lost it sometime last weekend as best I can tell since I used it on friday and on monday afternoon I couldnt find it. So monday night when I got home I called paypal to report it lost, I spent about 25 mins arguing with the person on the other end because she kept telling me I didnt have a paypal card, after about 15 mins of back and forth she finally said something about "credit" and I realized she thought I was talking about the paypal credit card. So I finally convince her that I am referring to the DEBIT card and that I do have one. Well she finally understood what kind of card I was talking about and transfered me to another dept. After confirming all this info to verify my identity to the new person I got she said that she would cancel my current card and I would need to log into my account and request a new one.
No problem right? So I apply for my debit card again to replace the one that I just canceled. Guess what, I WAS TURNED DOWN!!! I got my email today saying sorry but at this time paypal was declining my request. However they encourage me to keep using paypal and I am welcome to reapply in 90 days. HOW CAN THEY DECLINE A REPLACEMENT!
I just wonder if anyone is getting approved for the debit card anymore or if they have just started denying every request since they see that as an opportunity to keep our money longer.


Apr 17, 2006
That's terrible.

I wouldn't let it go.

You requested a replacement, not a new card.

Will you call them?
Jun 25, 2008
My theory: You were declined because you lost your card. And why would you be penalized for that? Because the scammers have literally ruined fBay and PayFoe. No matter who you are, any irregularity raises a red flag. Anyway, again, just a theory.

I'm so sick and tired of living in a world where people with integrity pay for the sins (scams) of others...SO unfair!


Oct 24, 2008
I generally never have problem with using Paypal debit card on ATMs (I only use Bank of America ATM) but the last few days I have problem using it for online shopping.


Apr 2, 2008
Great Lakes
So sorry LMC! I would call ASAP and ask to speak to a supervisor. Last time I lost my wallet I had some problems because when I called to report my cards lost or stolen, even though there was 0 money missing, it went down as fraud. Even when I got my replacements I had problems using them.

Then again, maybe the rep was wrong. I have never had to reapply and I am the queen of losing cards, even my paypal debit card. I could see you being declined since you already have one as a system setting to avoid multiples per account. For PP I called and they transferred me to the correct department, verified that no money was stolen, and then told me I would get a new card in a week or two. Sounds like you had one of the infamous incompetant reps.
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Apr 17, 2006
Keep us posted !

I hope you call and get an answer.

Good lesson: If the card is lost, don't tell them. Just tell them the card broke in half.


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Apr 24, 2007
USA and Amsterdam
Indeed, there is no reason to deny a debit card (there is either on it or not)... like this the economy would never recover...


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Jun 10, 2006
I have a debt card and not once has it worked when I tried to use it at an ATM. Everytime it says transaction timed out. I hate paypal
I have a debt card from PP and not one time has it ever worked at an ATM. :cursing:

I can not believe they denied you and all you wanted was a replacement!!