Paypal currency conversion?!

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  1. Hi there,

    I recently bought some concert tickets on ebay and paid for them straight away. The total cost was £97.50, I then checked my credit card statement which says:

    £101.94 - 147.52 USD @ 1.4471

    The seller was in the UK and i clicked straight through the payment link from ebay's UK site so why am I being charged in dollars, resulting in me paying more? I know it's not that much money but i'm just confused.

    Thanks for your help x
  2. I remember years ago I discovered that my principal currency in PayPal was, mysteriously, USD instead of GBP - I simply changed it. I don't know if that could be what's happened to you.

    Perhaps it's a question to pose on the * Community Q&A (they've also got a PayPal section but there are more know-alls in the Q&A ;) )

  3. Thanks scylla, that could be what it is, grrr :cursing: I must go check my settings although i have paid for plenty of things before via paypal and never had this problem x
  4. I always end up paying more than I think I am (that didn't make much sence but I hope you get it). Not a big deal on smaller items, but when buying $400-500 items it adds up :sad:
  5. MsFrida - are you in the UK to? Does this also happen to you because you were charged in the wrong currency? I specifically remember on the summary page before I paid it said £97.50 so I don't understand why this has happened...
  6. ^ Sweden. And no, it happens when charged in USD as well.. I think I have compared to close to a dozen different online converters (including those on major banks websites) but PP is always way off.. it's weird..
  7. I e-mailed paypal and they wrote back saying it because I paid with american express - apparently if you pay with amex it is not possible to pay in £?! The amount is converted to $ by paypal and then back into £ which has resulted in me paying more. This sounds crazy to me as my amex card is with a UK bank and I don't get overcharged for everything els ei buy with it!
  8. Oh I was just going to say.. my Amex card attached to my Paypal account does this too, and my account is Canadian.

    It usually works out better for USD auctions, since the fee charged by Amex is lower than the Paypal conversion fee.

    Also, try - - great tool for figuring out fees !