Paypal court ordered wage garnishment!

  1. Paypal have access to all SSN#s from all VERIFIED account holders. That is how they can be idenified
  2. Myself and hundreds of others pushed that idea for three years or more. I left eBay a few years back due to all the problems, PayPal being just one of them
  3. Paying by garnishment will get the debt paid off even slower & with more fees. He should pay them outright if he can.
  4. Although interesting whether or not he got scammed or he scammed someone, but I think the point is he did not take care of his business. Paypal most likely has to jump through certain hoops to get their money. First they most likely contact you, then a debt collection agency, then a court date, and then judgement/garnishment. Paypal can't just garnish someone's wages because they feel like it. the IT guy had to get several letters and notices before his wages were garnished.

    OP--How did he act when you told him his wages were going to be garnished?
  5. I agree if he was innocent as he claimed he should have fought it at the court- maybe he did and he lost. We don't know- but I can't say it's unfair for paypal to go after people who owe to them...

  6. right, 3000 is a big much for collection agencies.
  7. Agreed..
    there are many legal steps to go through before a person's wages are garnished..
    I would've fought tooth and nail in court if this happened to me and I was innocent..
    he seemed to have blown it off, which is odd..

    I don't sell much, if I did, I would look into an alternative payment system..
    Paypal does suck, especially for sellers..
  8. Interesting statistic for you all. Last year of all the cases heard in the city of NY, just 31% of the cases had correct service given to issue a summons to appear in court. 69% of the cases heard were heard because the other party never got proper notice and they were either later reopened and heard or went in favor of the plaintiffs.

    I know a ton of people that were seriously burned by eBay and paypal and I have reviewed all paperwork and the sellers were correct and he buyers were wrong. Just like the OP employee who got phonebooks, the sellers I know received similar items or empty boxes. Yes, there are a lot more scammers out there than you know about and they troll eBay looking to defraud all of us.

    It is understandable for someone to sell a widget for 5k and a month later someone argues the widget and sends back a can of worms. Paypal says buyer right seller wrong and seller takes off leaving the paypal hanging when in fact the seller was right but because of TOS on paypal the seller is always on the hook, this is an assumed risk you accept by using the services of paypal. Like any business there is always assumed risk. In the retail world we fear shoplifting, fires, floods, robberies etc, online you have to go in always knowing someone is there to virtually rob you.

    I disagree with paypal practices and ebay policy, to offer a platform and remain silent and offer only the advice of buyer seller communications wo their help is unconciousable.

    Again this is a RISK we all must assume. Granted the percentage of scammers out there is very low compared to honest people, they will always be there. I am certain that the OP's employee was never formally served notice of the suit. However reading what transpired with the phone books the proper way to have handled this would have been to make a legal complaint with local law enforcement and have the buyer, if possible arrested and convicted and to have a judge order restitution.
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