PayPal coupon codes

  1. Anyone have any???

  2. i have never seen one, do they make a paypal coupon? I would like one too if they do :yes:
  3. they do...but I have not seen any for a long time.
  4. if anyone sees one, let us know, thanks!
  5. Usually they come out with Paypal codes around Christmas. I mean that's the only time I ever saw one.
  6. well ladies keep you eyes peeled!!
  7. Awww...I got so excited when I saw this!

    If you are thinking of the year they did those discount codes at Christmas, I think they were know as "Giftguide" codes....I heard they aren't going to do that again because of the large number of people who just kept opening new accounts to use the codes over and over. Now the codes are supposed to be individual, one-time use only.

    Hoping I'm wrong though.....a paypal coupon would be so nice right about now!