PAYPAL COUPON!! $20 off $50 or more

  1. It's that time of year again!!! Paypal is offering a $20 US rebate promotion when you spend $50 or more at selected sites. The sites include and and 100,000 other paypal verified shopping sites.

    Sign up by November 22nd and shop between November 23 - December 31 to qualify for the $20 US rebate.

    Go holiday shopping with PayPal
    Use this link above to sign up for it!

    Happy shopping guys [​IMG]
  2. eeee!!!! thanks so much!
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  6. Thanks for the link!
  7. Great! I had no knowledge of this until now. Many thanks.
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  9. :heart: THANK YOU :HEART:
  10. This is fabulous! Thanks!
  11. Cool! Thanks so much!
  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This is great!!!!
  14. sweet! thanks :smile:. just signed up :smile:.
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