Paypal confirmation never came...

  1. Hi guys! I sold a bag on eBay and I see the payment in my account, but, the instant payment notification from paypal has yet to be sent to me??? What's up? HOw long does it usually take? Am I safe to send the bag out?
  2. I had the same thing happen to me a few times but if the payment is in your Paypal account, it's safe to the send the bag. Sometimes Paypal's system is so slow in sending out the notifications (system updating or whatever it is they do there) that I never even receive the "notification of instant payment" email. It's happened twice to me already, but I always wait until the next day just in case anything happens (murphy's law).
  3. When I was with At & T I never received my payment confirmations. As long as it was in my account I didnt care. With my current IP I receive all of them.
  4. yeah- as a seller I have received payments before without the confirmation email from paypal. As long as your eBay sellers page details show that the payment has been recieved you are okay ;)