Paypal condone sellers selling fake bags

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  1. I bought a Fendi bag on eBay it was a pony baguette and was goregous in the pics, I paid £350 for it but thought it was worth it as the bag was a clasisic. Anyway the bag arrived and I had a sick feeling straightaway, I knew immediately that it was fake, the handles weren't even leather, I was so angry but took it to Harrods to check.

    Sure enough it was fake and they sent off a form to get me a letter from Fendi head office to say that it was fake, they said this bag was never even made! I contaced the seller who outright denied it and started a dispute with Paypal, the seller kept sending emails back to paypal denying the bag was fake and questioning the Fendi staff etc and basically using any excuse to get out of it.

    I contacted eBay and told them what had happened and warned them that the Marc Jacobs bag and Chanel bag she was also selling were probable fake too. eBay DID NOTHING.

    Paypal closed the case and said there was nothing they could do so I rang them and spoke to someone, I asked how on earth this could happen, that they had proof the seller had sold a fake which is illegal and they had control over this sellers account yet they refused to refund me and this seller was allowed to continue trading! It turns out paypal protection is rubbish, they only refund your money if the otem never arrives, not is you are sold a fake.

    So there we are, I blew all that money on a fake bag. To rub salt into the wound I was selling a pink metallic Celine boogie bag in ebay that was taken off by ebay because they believed it to be a fake, I sent numerous emails to customer service demanding to know why on earth they thought this and just received a generic reply. And at the same time people are selling fakes all over ebay that are so obvious.

    sellers id was carabelli888
  2. What a horror story. I was under the impression if you had proof it was a fake then you were entitled to a refund?
    I really hope you paid with your credit card and if so contact them and file a charge back. I had a similar situation a few years ago, I paid with my bank of America debit/visa card and notified them, I got a refund within a couple of weeks.
    Keep us posted & don't forget to leave negative feedback for the seller!
    Once you post FAKE she may be inclined to take the knock off back.
  3. I did leave her negative feedback but she replied that I was a liar! I just wanted to warn people. My fiance said maybe she thought it was real, I don't know I just don't know why someone would lie so blatently!
  4. sorry to hear that rosie, if a credit card is used with paypal, try to get protection via your credit card company
  5. Did she state that it was authentic in the items description? If yes, then I think you can get your money back....
  6. Grrr :cursing:, I don't see HOW these people can be allowed to carry on like this. They are CRIMINALS!! If someone mugged an old lady on the street for 350 pounds he'd be in jail! While ebay may just think they are turning a blind eye to this sort of stuff, they are essentially catering for crooks. I'm so sorry for you having to go through this experience rosieroseanna.:crybaby: Is there nothing else you can do?
  7. What is ebay playing at - as Yves says its criminal! Not sure what else to suggest but hope something comes up trumps for you. Have you tried a credit card charge back?
  8. This doesn't make any sense....a friend of mine received a fake Chloe Edith before Christmas, and it took a few emails to Paypal and eBay, but she received a letter from eBay stating that they reviewed her claim and ruled in her favor. She didn't even have anything in writing that it was fake....just her word and insistence. They are reimbursing her. I don't know if the seller was afraid of being kicked off eBay and just agreed to cooperate or what, but I would dig deeper and yell louder! :hysteric: Good luck...keep us posted. Hugs. :heart:
  9. Actually, Paypal wasn't even involved, my mistake. My friend sent a check for the bag, so it was only eBay that was backing her up. :s
  10. I'm not seeing a negative feedback for that seller - ? I'm also not seeing the closed auction under that seller's name.
  11. then it's hard, ebay can't make the seller spit out the money
  12. Wow, a friend of mine works at PayPal and she said you should definitely get your money back. She also said the dispute process takes awhile so if you just got this today, file your complaint with the ebay auction listing and they should rule in your favor.

    Curious if this is the right seller tho?? Sellers id was carabelli888

    I looked at her completed auctions and there is nothing for a Fendi???
  13. Moving this thread, it has nothing to do with Chloe.
  14. PayPal did that to me as well with a fake LV bag a few years ago. The seller posted photos of a real bag and then sent me a fake one. It wasn't even a good fake and the colors weren't even the colors in the photo. PayPal basically stated that the item not being as advertised was subjective or some nonsense and I was out a bunch of money.

    Eventually I talked to my cousin who is an attorney and he sent the seller a letter on one of his letterheads telling her that we'd take legal action against her if she didn't return the money (I'd sent the bag back after she said it was fine!) and that got at least part of my money back. I don't deal with eBay anymore b/c I think that it's just too much of a risk.
  15. I had a friend who had a similar problem, but in the US. If you call the local police they can take action.
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