Paypal condone sellers selling fake bags

  1. I bought a Fendi bag on eBay it was a pony baguette and was goregous in the pics, I paid £350 for it but thought it was worth it as the bag was a clasisic. Anyway the bag arrived and I had a sick feeling straightaway, I knew immediately that it was fake, the handles weren't even leather, I was so angry but took it to Harrods to check.

    Sure enough it was fake and they sent off a form to get me a letter from Fendi head office to say that it was fake, they said this bag was never even made! I contaced the seller who outright denied it and started a dispute with Paypal, the seller kept sending emails back to paypal denying the bag was fake and questioning the Fendi staff etc and basically using any excuse to get out of it.

    I contacted eBay and told them what had happened and warned them that the Marc Jacobs bag and Chanel bag she was also selling were probable fake too. eBay DID NOTHING.

    Paypal closed the case and said there was nothing they could do so I rang them and spoke to someone, I asked how on earth this could happen, that they had proof the seller had sold a fake which is illegal and they had control over this sellers account yet they refused to refund me and this seller was allowed to continue trading! It turns out paypal protection is rubbish, they only refund your money if the otem never arrives, not is you are sold a fake.

    So there we are, I blew all that money on a fake bag. To rub salt into the wound I was selling a pink metallic Celine boogie bag in ebay that was taken off by ebay because they believed it to be a fake, I sent numerous emails to customer service demanding to know why on earth they thought this and just received a generic reply. And at the same time people are selling fakes all over ebay that are so obvious.

    Sellers id was carabelli888
  2. this post belongs on the ebay forum

    sorry to hear about that, though:smile:
  3. OMG! sorry to hear that :crybaby:
  4. So sorry to hear about this!
    Have you tried taking this up with your credit card?
  5. Yeah I would never bother with paypal. I would call up my credit card company first (if you paid by cc) and dispute the charge with them and have it reversed. It sucks hopefully your cc company can do something?
  6. I just wanted people to know incase they buy something on ebay!
  7. EXACTLY RIGHTY. Paypal is about as good for nothing as ebay is. All they care about is getting THEIR $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. I'm so sorry to hear what happened. It's so frustrating that paypal takes such a large fee and then doesn't provide the expected service.
  9. Wow, a friend of mine works at PayPal and she said you should definitely get your money back. She also said the dispute process takes awhile so if you just got this today, file your complaint with the ebay auction listing and they should rule in your favor.

    Curious if this is the right seller tho?? Sellers id was carabelli888

    I looked at her completed auctions and there is nothing for a Fendi???
  10. Asimilar situation happened to me...I won an auction on a dior saddlebag and hit the pay now button through paypal, well ebay sent me an email saying this auction was closed, you don't need to pay for it..etc etc So, I panicked and emailed ebay and they said to take it up with I did, and paypal closed my feud because the other party had a shipping number and that satisfied paypal..This bag was recv'd and I was ripped off..I tried to dispute again with paypal but they won't listen to me..They really don't look out for the buyer.
  11. That is what really happen :crybaby: You got a fake bag but I sell authentic bags ---- ebay pulled them all out of site giving the reason brandname misuse. They really don't look out for the buyer and sure they also don't look out for honest seller like me too.
  12. Did you pay with credit card? CC companies are usually more compliant with the customer. I hope you raised hell with the customer "service" department.
  13. I too hope you've contacted your cc company to get your money back!
  14. I had a situation where a seller sent an item to me that I believe was damaged before they shipped it as it seemed unlikely that the damage was caused by shipping. The seller was the biggest jerk I ever met. The seller was Isolditonebay. Just a person selling other people's stuff and only in it for the buck. Well, no refund was offered. Just a too bad, take it up with FedEx . Anyway, long story short, PayPal did nothing at all. They just pretty much say sorry, case closed, item was recieved. I called Discover thinking that since we give them so much money each year they would support me. Turns out they said they cannot guarantee anything when you use Paypal. I was furious! I said, hey, I used Paypal AND Discover, so shouldn't you back me? Nope, they would not. In the end, I hauled the item to FedEx instead of them picking it up like they normally do and sending it for inspection, (because I was worried they would send it back to the seller and I would get totally screwed with no item) and had them inspect it on the spot and they awarded me the 100.00 which all of their items are automatically insured for. But I honestly believe this seller sells damaged goods then tells people he will file a damage claim to FedEx. What a scam he has going. Anyway, I digress, but my point is that we all should check with our credit card companies on their coverage when using PayPal and your cc because my Discover did not back me.

  15. Interesting...

    When was the auction?

    If you leave her a negative, she may well refund you, in the hope that you will remove it (or agree to mutually withdraw them both, if she leaves you a retaliation one, too) once you have received your refund. :biggrin: