Paypal closes case after I only get some $ back?

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  1. Hey guys, I am so sorry to keep bothering everyone with my paypal dilemma, but paypal closed my case after I was suppossed to be refunded 625.00, I only got 175.00!!!! they said they are doing everything to get the rest of the funds back, but I don't understand! What happened to the rest of the money?? Am I suppossed to sue now to get the rest back? Does anyone have any experiance with this. I'm so sorry to bother you guys with my paypal drama but I am so upset! I had the money sitting in my paypal accoutn from honest auctions that I put up! So i can't even do a chargeback. Does anyone know if paypal is going to refund my money or if I am going to have to sue this girl? thank you ladies for all your help and advice. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Hi grace3128, You were the buyer and you paid $625.00 from your Paypal account instead of a credit card? You got $175 back because that's how much the seller had in their Paypal account at the time. Paypal would have frozen their account until they pay you back. They will be unable to use their account to pay/receive money until they pay you. Well atleast that's what Paypal tells you. I don't know if it's true. Not sure why they close the case, but they always do it. $175 is a long way from $625. Sorry I'm not really any help. I hope it works out. Call paypal! Complain like hell. Next time, ALWAYS pay with a credit card even if you have money sitting in your paypal account. That way you have twice the protection. Good luck.
  3. Paypal did the same thing to me. They said the case was closed after they only refunded me $175 instead of my full amount. Ebay insures that if you win your case, they will cover you up to $200 minus $25 service charge. If they said they will try to get the rest of your money back, then you have to wait until they get it from the other party. I got my full refund after about 2 weeks. You just have to be patient! I know it's frustrating because they make you wait so long, but paypal has to do it diplomatically, and that takes time.

    I hope you get your full refund soon! Good luck!
  4. I believe the only way you can pay with a credit card is if there is a zero balance in your paypal account. In the future, always pay with a credit card. But don't let up on paypal -- the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  5. Same thing happened to me unfortunately... just try to complaining like crazy. I never followed up because it wasn't that much money, but in your case I'd pursue it for as long as necessary.

  6. Really??? I'm not completely certain because I ALWAYS withdraw all my funds. :P I don't trust Paypal as a buyer or as a seller. Oops, grace3128 doesn't want hear about that. Each time I pay with Paypal they try to take money out of my bank account, but I always opt for my CC. That's the only reason I use Paypal, so I can pay with my CC.
  7. thanks girls....i learned my lesson next time ill use a cc and ill just annoy the heck out of paypal...