Paypal... clearing

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  1. Is anyone else having issues with paypal clearing echecks?

    I had an echeck sent to me on may 23rd. sent within my own country,It says at the bottom..

    Payment Type: eCheck
    The eCheck payment you have received will show an Uncleared status until the funds have cleared from the buyer's account - usually three to four business days. Please do not ship any merchandise to the buyer until this payment clears.

    but beside status it says
    Status: [​IMG]
    Uncleared(Expected Clearing Date: Jun. 4, 2007)
    I just went to my paypal and it still shows as uncleared..
  2. I was also just informed that the money came out of her account last monday. why is this taking so long ?
  3. you mean last monday (in may?) or today monday?
  4. Last monday not today.
    May 28th.
  5. Maybe they had to put it through again for non sufficient funds. Plus if the person sends an echeck at 9pm they don't usually say it's cleared until 9pm of the clearing day.
  6. Ok thanks, it shows this is when she posted the payment.

    20:02:49 PDT
  7. I've had e-checks take 14 days to clear! I've now blocked them from my Paypal account
  8. Has it cleared yet? It usually does at the end of the business day.