Paypal Claim?

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  1. . . . so I filed a paypal claim because I received a counterfeit. Just wondering if those of you who have done so before, know how long it usually takes? What's involved in their investigation? (I know they say I'll hear back within 30 days, . . . but does it usually take that long?) They tell me the seller disagrees with my claim , although I can't imagine why, because this is an obvious fake. I really don't understand why she wouldn't just do a refund. (I'm sure she knows it's counterfeit). . . anyway . . . any experience that anyone has to share with me on this would be appreciated! Thanks.
  2. It usually takes close to a month and Paypal is most likely going to want proof that it is fake from you, unless by some miracle the buyer just agrees to a refund.
  3. Thanks, Jen. How does one go about getting proof ? (I would consider sloppy stitiching, inferior inside material as "proof" that it is not Hermes,) but would they?. . . Would they consider opinions from tPF members as proof? (There isn't an Hermes shop anywhere near me)
    I would sure appreciate any opinions on this! Thanks!
  4. I just had to file a claim myself for a counterfeit that I received on Saturday. The seller is refusing to refund me. Since you already opened a claim, contact your credit card company and tell them you're working with Paypal. That usually gets things moving.
  5. Thanks, but this item was purchased with funds that were sitting in my paypal account, so there wouldn't actually be a charge on cc for it. (Even tho' I do have a cc connected to the pp account) Would that still be an avenue for me to pursue?
  6. paypal can take up to 45 days to response, usually a lot sooner. In my case I received a fake and paypal did not side with me, I was out $1100.
  7. Sorry to hear that! I guess if I'm in the same boat, I'll attach the darn thing to my computer to remind me not to buy on eBay! I should have known better! . . .been stung before! . . .(but at that time I didn't even know about disputes or claims!)
  8. Temo, to protect yourself in the future, NEVER pay with funds from your paypal account. Empty out your account first and pay with credit card. You're much more protected that way.

    You'll have to wait and see what paypal does at this point. Good luck!
  9. Lesson learned! Thanks! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  10. I would get a letter from a boutique or store with a letter head. This is hard to get. My boyfriend's brother works at Future Shop. One time I received a really bad PSP. It was cracked, scratched, etc and the buyer said it was BRAND NEW SEALED in box. I got a letter from him with the future Shop letter head and still Paypal sided with him. It was clearly used too... If only I spent the extra 50$ I wouldn't be in all that hassle.
  11. There are authentication services accepted by paypal, like and however, not sure if they deal in Hermes. Paypal may not even request it, I just know that when the same thing happened to me I had to send my bag away to Coach in NY to get them to write a letter it was fake. Maybe you can call and speak to a Hermes boutique.
  12. Contact the DA in the sellers county and file a report. That much money is a felony.