Paypal Claim - Refunded agreed partial amount in US Dollars, not UK pounds!!!

  1. As I mentioned in another thread, I was sent a Bottega Veneta bag in SNAD condition.

    The seller agreed to refund me US$321, as requested (I have an email to prove it), but said she couldn't do it until I closed the dispute.

    I said I didn't think that that was the case, as members here had said that it was possible and another seller who had sold me a SNAD bag had managed it, previously, but she didn't reply.

    The dispute period had almost ended, so I was forced to escalate to a claim.

    A field asked 'In UK Pounds(£), please enter how much you would be willing to accept as a partial refund.'.

    At that time, US$321.00 = £156.49; so I, obviously, entered 156.49. I also stated the amount in US dollars in my statement.

    I have now received an email saying that the case is closed and that the seller has refunded me in US dollars (US$156.49) - NOT in UK pounds (UK£156.49)! This is less than half what we had agreed!!!

    I have contacted Paypal via their email address and am awaiting their response.

    I wondered whether anyone had any further suggestions on how I can get this case re-opened and/or the correct refund amount?

    BTW, the bag is in such poor condition (pen marks, salt stains, water marks, broken tassle strand etc.), having been described as being in perfect condition, that I really don't care, at this point, whether I receive a partial refund, or send it back for a full refund.

    Thanks so much in advance! :flowers:

  2. i would call paypal. i had the opposite happen where i requested a partial refund for 80 dollars and got a refund of 80 euros. so i'm curious why this happened the other way for you. i would call paypal asap and see what happens. if you have an email where the seller agreed to 321 then send that. my buyer had agreed in the pp dispute. call them asap and see what they say. good luck! keep us posted!
  3. ^ Thank you very much for your advice, hl! :flowers:

    I thought calling them might be the best bet. :yes:

    I'll definitely keep you posted! :biggrin:
  4. Right, well we called Paypal and when we, finally, managed to find a way to get throught to a human being(!) and explain what happened, they said that I should email the seller and ask for the remainder of the agreed partial refund amount to be refunded and if she doesn't do it, they will send her an email instructing her to do so.

    I'm not very happy, to be honest, as Paypal are the ones who have made the mistake, by asking for the amount to be entered in one currency and then refunding in another (and it is, apparently, not the first time!) and yet, we are the ones who have to email the seller. :confused1:
  5. call back and ask to speak to an advisor. sometimes they give the wrong info. i had a similar situation with one person i spoke to at pp telling me something way different. i hope this works out for you!
  6. Ugh I am have the same problem with a seller who cant figure out how to refund me!!!!

    I've given her directions as paypal has on their system.

    Could it be the refund/resolve button is not there for her?

    I escalated to a claim about a week ago.

  7. Ah, thank you, hl! :biggrin:

    Good idea. :yes:

    When I emailed the seller to ask for the rest of my refund, the seller's husband replied to me, saying that he thought that his wife had only offered me $231.

    It's true that his wife seemed to think, in a later email, that the agreed amount was only $230; but I think she must have been confused, as I never agreed to that.

    I forwarded him the email with her agreement to the $321.00 refund, but I still haven't heard from her, or received the rest of my agreed refund.

    TBH, I'm running out of patience, all round. :push:

    Honestly, I still can't believe the temerity of Paypal, the SELLER is the one in the wrong and PAYPAL are the ones who have an error on THEIR online form and then I, the only truly innocent party, am expected to fight, on and on, for my agreed partial refund amount.

    TBH, I don't even want the *&^£%&& bag!!! :lol: If I'd wanted a pen-marked, salt-stained, water-stained, extensively darkened, broken-tassled bag; I'd have bid on one that was described as such! :yes:

  8. Ugh, I know. :yes: Isn't it frustrating, Bella? :sweatdrop:

    Please let us know how you get on. :yes:
  9. I think what we've learnt here, is that when escalating to a claim, we must always remember to enter the partial refund amount (if applicable) in the seller's currency, NOT our own; regardless of what the form says! :yes: