PayPal Claim Questions--long

  1. Hi,
    I haven't posted on this part of the forum yet, so let me say a little about myself. I've bought quite a few LV's and had mostly good luck on eBay. Lately though, I have had too much of my share of bad sellers. Since late December I have had 4 fakes that I bought from eBay. Guess the bad luck has finally caught up with me??
    Here is my biggest problem and maybe some of you can steer me the right direction. I bought an LV excentricite from the UK for 177 pounds. It arrived and it looked odd so I sent off pics to Carol Diva. She discovered that the date code was incorrect for that style and it is a counterfeit. So...I contacted the seller and they at first gave me a lot of trouble, then said if I shipped it back that they would refund. I shipped it back (cost $33) to the UK with a signature as well as insurance, but when asked by our Post office clerk, I said not to send it back if it was undeliverable. I mailed it on Feb 2. It arrived in UK on Feb 16 and according to the tracking (as well as the 800 phone number and a "real" person that I spoke with) the postal people there tried to deliver it on the 16th of Feb. I waited a few days then contacted the seller. Their reply (nasty as usual) was that they had not gotten it. I told them that they needed to contact their post office to get it. Yesterday I asked seller again about it. They said that they had to get it at the post office and there was a fee of 41 pounds to be paid to get it. They got mean again so I filed a paypal claim. They later asked to resolve if I would pay a 41 pounds and they tried to threaten me that I would have to pay the return postage if they did not pick it up. (not going to happen because of how I filled out the postal form here in the US)
    I did something that I probably shouldn't have done. I reported the item as you do with an active eBay listing. So...ebay took it off as an invalid item as they do when we report the fakes. The problem is that I hadn't given my negative feedback yet and now I am worried that PayPal is going to give me problems about the "nonexistent" listing. :cursing:
    I am so upset. Can anyone help me? Is there an ebay employee on the Forum that can help me? If so, please PM me or send a message to this forum. I called PayPal and got an employee that was not very helpful. He asked me why I sent it back already. Well, I sent it back because the seller said they would give me a refund if I did!! :crybaby:
    Thanks for any help,

    P.S. I also have another claim with PayPal. the seller stole someone else's pics and sent them to me. When the purse arrived, it had the ugly old sticker on it with the string. OMG! FAKE! The only good thing about that is that they are in the US and I think I can fight this one much easier. :hysteric:
  2. Hello,
    I think you should let paypal know that you have sent the item, provide them with the tracking info, etc. I think you will win. Also tell the seller to bring the bill of sale with her when she picks the item up and she will either not have to pay or will be reimbursed as technically she hasn't purchased anything. Also as ebay has canceled that listing all of her ebay fees have been credited back to her, this should if anything support your PP claim and Ebay owns paypal so they can access the item.
    Good luck with both items! I know what a nuisance it is to go through this mess.
    Do not agree to the 41 pounds that's outrageous!
  3. I agree with the above. File you claims and fight fight fight!
  4. Fight with claims to the death! I've gotten refunds on fake items without even sending the item back. I'm sorry this happened to you but FIGHT FIGHT FIIIIGHHTT!

  5. Thanks to all of you. It makes me feel better. I've done what you said and given them the tracking number and all of the info regarding the sale and the return of the purse. It's a big nuisance but I will fight this jerk until the end! :sweatdrop: