Paypal claim on fakes?

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  1. Has anyone won a paypal claim for a fake bag?
  2. Yes, a long time ago now but I did and I think there are lots of posts in the subforum from people who have been successful too, so maybe worth a search?
  3. Thank you!

    I am going through this now for my $200 back on a fake LV and wondering what my chances are
  4. I am a Gucci reseller and must file at least one claim a month, I win everyone. Half the time the seller does not even respond!
    Always remeber to ecsalte it as soon as you can to freeze their funds, and always use your card not your paypal funds!
    It is a hassle having to send the fake back though!!
  5. I am having problems with my claim on a fake Fendi - after the seller denied it was a fake and then ignored me, I made the claim and escalated it, then received an email from Paypal saying I had to prove this was a fake - by taking it to a dealer or expert. Which is a problem since Fendi don't verify the authenticity of bags, and I don't know of any experts in the UK. Also, if I do manage to get this information, I have to fax it to Paypal within 10 days. Not enough warning if you ask me, and it seems odd that a completely online system suddenly demands a fax.

    This seems to me to be really unfair. My advice is, be really careful - buying on eBay through Paypal means you have to claim through Paypal - and their system is proving a massive problem for me right now. It seems to be protecting the bogus seler, not me!
  6. Yeah I totally think that's unfair too!

    eBay australia have stopped buyer protection, the only way us aussies get that now is through paypal :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  7. This is quite simple to do just go to the my poupette or and they will authenticate it ofr you for about £3.00 and paypal will take this as proof!
  8. Yes I have. Always file a paypal claim as soon as you think its a fake and esculate it. Dont tall to the seller about it as that will give them enough time to move their money out of their account
  9. I have successfully gotten my money back on a few fakes. In fact, I'm in the end stages of getting my money back right now from Amex for a fake LV.
  10. I recently filed a claim and actually, today I received an email confirming my refund on a fake LV.
  11. Yes, I have as well. I was pleased that paypal had me return the fake to THEM, to be destroyed. Received a full refund including shipping. The whole process took just under 30 days from start to finish.
  12. Thought not a bag, earlier this week I won a claim for fake Tiffany jewellery.

  13. thank you so much for this - i thought i was totally stuck! do you happen to know if paypal will accept an email, or if these sites will fax instead? thanks again - you've totally solved my problem!
  14. You dont always have to go thru paypal for claims, a lot of times paypal is retarded and ask for ridiculous proof. I've been advised that if i ever have a problem with my items i paid thru paypal i can just call up my credit card company and have them do the chargeback. The credit card company is usually more on ur side than paypal...they dont really care about you. This is the best way to deal with people who sell fake stuff on ebay. Let the credit card people deal with them.
  15. that's right