Paypal claim - Item not received, case closed but seller shipped? Advice please!

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  1. well well dears,
    I just can't stay away from this forum ;).

    This time, I have a minor problem as I was the buyer, bought from a larger resell organisation a bag on 29/6, had to pay immediately and then nothing happened - on 11/7 no bag, so I filed a non-receipt claim with paypal and escalated - the seller had to provide info by 21/7, which they failed to do and informed me that I would get a refund via paypal. so far so good, paypal closed the case in my favour today,

    however it seems someone else in that organisation (no communication...) has decided to ship the bag yesterday or today and did not update paypal but sent me the tracking link today.

    I am a bit confused to say the least - what should I do from here? refuse the package, return, could they reopen the case (to be honest after all this fuss I don't want the bag in the first place because if it takes them almost 4 weeks to ship...)

    Thanks a lot in advance for all the shared expertise and input I usually receive here :smile:
  2. Definitely don't refuse it. I've heard that can cause all kinds of problems. Just sit tight and see if it ever shows up. I suspect the seller generated a tracking number in an attempt to fight the PayPal claim. Next time file your claim for item not received through EBay. They will give you back your money in about 4 days. Did you pay with a credit card? You can always do a charge back if PayPal doesn't refund.
  3. Thanks dear! It wasn't an ebay purchase, so I couldn't have filed through them (I learned the hard way that ebay is definitely the easier option than paypal). my concern is also that it may not be a real tracking number - however, they didn't submit it to paypal, the case is closed, so I don't know what to do - in my pp account the money shows already as refunded.
  4. I would wait to see if the bag ever arrives. If it does, contact them and ask them to send you a prepaid label to send it back to them.
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  5. I'd check the tracking (later) to see if it is indeed a "real number". The company may have just gone through the motions. IYKWIM
    You have received your refund so if the bag should arrive ,just request a return label..
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  6. I would go ahead and withdraw the refund money (unless you prefer to just let your money stay in your PayPal account for your next purchase, I know that's how some people handle it!) If the package ever arrives, like someone else said, request a return label.
  7. thanks everyone - the money will go straight onto my cc, will see what happens :smile:
  8. You've got your money. They can't take it back. If you receive the item, ask if they want it back, and then wait for a return label.
  9. I predict that if you get something, it'll be an empty box, a box of rocks or something similar.
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  10. I was worried about this - just wondering whether I will hear from the seller or whether they will get in touch with paypal.
  11. OP, should that box arrive, I would not open it at all. I would just ask for a return label &send it right back
    as it was shipped to you perhaps in a box within a box..

    You no longer want the item & you have a refund.
  12. Thanks dear - that sounds like good advice.