Paypal claim buyer didn't open

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  1. I sold a pair of CL's to a friend of mine who lives in another part of the country. I sent her a Paypal invoice so she could pay with her credit card, and she paid soon after receiving it. About an hour after having gotten her payment, I received a notification from Paypal that said:

    "A review of recent transactions indicates that you might have received a payment that the PayPal account holder did not authorize.

    To protect you from problematic transactions, we sometimes request
    additional information about PayPal payments.

    We need more information about this transaction. Please log in to your
    PayPal account, click the "Resolution Center"tab, and provide more
    information by 10/9/2010.

    We recommend that you not ship the item until our investigation is
    complete. If you've already shipped the item, please log in and let us know where you shipped it.

    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until we complete our

    So obviously I called my friend and asked her why she had submitted a claim. She said she hadn't submitted anything and couldn't figure out why I would get this notice. I still have shoes and we're figuring out a different way for her to pay me so no harm done, but what gives?? I go in to Paypal's resolution center and the only "information" they have me fill in is:

    1) I have not shipped the item and would like to issue a refund
    2) I have shipped the item to the confirmed address and have a tracking number
    3) I have already issued a refund
    4) None of these apply to me

    I have not shipped the item but I don't want to issue a refund since my friend prefers to pay with her credit card, didn't submit a claim, and wants me to submit another invoice if I choose the refund route anyway.

    Any suggestions? Have any of you seen something like this before and how do we keep it from happening again?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Don't ship. Have your friend call her credit card company and Paypal. They might just have it on hold because she doesn't use paypal much. She has to call her credit card company and tell them she authorized the card.
  3. Forgot to mention my friend doesn't have a Paypal account. She was going to call her credit card to see whether they had put a security hold on the transaction or something. Should she go through her credit card first and then Paypal or the other way around?
  4. Have her call her credit card company.
  5. This happened to me a few months ago. Paypal needed to verify that the buyer was infact the account holder. Took a few days but got there in the end.
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    Thanks! The weird thing was my friend didn't get notified there was a problem, nor did they tell me how to proceed other than the options above. I just called Paypal and they said to have my friend call to provide more information about her credit card, just to confirm she is actually the card's owner, so that's what we're going to do. Otherwise I'll just refund and she'll have to pay me in cash!

    Thanks for the advice, guys.
  7. I think because it didn't go through as an actual traceable transaction that they need more information from the sender of the funds and possibly the recipient due to money laundering...