Paypal chargebacks.

  1. This is my first posting to The Purse Forum, and look forward to many more postings especially regarding my virgin collection of Balenciaga bags and wallet:yahoo: .

    However this posting is regarding recent dealings with paypal, when a buyer a number of months after purchasing an item from me, requested a chargeback and paypal authorised it. Paypal have washed their hands of it, and have told me to sort with the buyer. The buyer has emailed and said she didn't authorise the chargeback but it had occured as the purchase was on her husbands credit card and they are now divorcing. She keeps saying she will pay but as yet I have not received it. :cursing:

    Paypal no longer respond to my emails, and the buyer is equally lacking in response.

    I am so disappointed in Paypal. What is the point of paypal protection if it offers none.

    I don't suppose anyone has had a similar situation, but with a successful outcome.

    I have threatened small claims.

    Thanks :confused1:
  2. All i know is you should be protected against chargebacks, but only if you followed the paypal seller protection terms exactly.
  3. Paypal is terrible. They say they offer protection, but truly don't for the seller. Good luck! I'd proceed with small claims if the amount was high enough to bother with and keep all correspondence from the buyer.

    Draw up an official letter and make it seems really "law-ish" if you know what I mean. Send it certified mail and tell her you have filed the claim in court and will proceed if she doesnt pay immediately. Maybe it will scare her into forking over the cash. It has worked for me a couple of times.

    Good luck!
    HOPE YOU FIND THAT INFORMATION USEFULL....i would call paypal directly and tell them you want to speak to a MANAGER!!! make sure you get your call escalated.
  5. Thanks for that. I've been on 'paypalsucks' and with some searching found paypals registered address and contact numbers in London. They are registered with FSA. I'm going to start threatening courts, financial ombudsman, BBC watchdog, etc etc... because they can't be allowed to get away with ignoring you, hoping you'll go away. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again.:yahoo:
  6. ^ agreed! I have threatened with legal action and wow, the money was in my account quickly.