Paypal Cases Help Me Pleaseeee

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    I never Realised eBay Could be so stressful
    Guys I need some help
    As most of you who read probably know i bought some chanel earrings which were used and broken seller said he would refund then decided he wouldnt now paypal have told me

    The seller has offered to provide a full refund once you return the item in its original condition. Please send the item to the seller at the following address:

    You are responsible for postage and packing costs associated with returning the item. Once you send the item, please provide us with an online tracking number by 8 Jul. 2007. This tracking number allows us to confirm that you sent the item. Please understand that if you fail to provide this information, your case will automatically be closed

    But as you can see the address is blank what do i do?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?:crybaby:

    Secondly I Bought A NIKE Tracksuit Which was a market knock off (yes nike!! how do these even exsist)the seller responded by saying oh well i didn't know:push:
    So i filed a claim paypal have now asked for written evidence does anyone know where i could get this for A NIKE TRACKSUIT:roflmfao: it actually makes me laugh that people stoop so low they copy Nike!!

    Im super Stressed at the moment nevermind all the scamming bidders and non payer i have had :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. 1) Missing address: I would e-mail paypal back and get the exact address they want the item shipped to. They will check that address against the tracking number you give them.

    2) How did you find out that the Nike garment is fake? Could whoever or whatever helped you come to that conclusion help you track down someone to give a written statement?
  3. thanks have done so with case number one i emailed paypal now and asked for a address

    and the nike tracksuit its jus a plain tracksuit with a nike logo no tags no nothing the zippers are those cheap plastic ones!!
  4. Ever think about contacting the Nike Vero rep? They are *usually* all over reports of fakes. You should tell him you bought it on eBay and tell him what paypal required of you.

    Hope that helps some.

    Lastly, if you paid with credit, file a chargeback *if* paypal's "helpful" claims dept won't work with you on the tracksuit.
  5. The address can be accessed by clicking the transaction details link in your PP account. :yes:
  6. Oh, I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. I hate reading threads where people get sold fakes. Stay on top of Paypal! If things don't go in your favor I would start a chargeback with your credit card company. good luck!
  7. Hope things are improving for you , I have been the victim of four fakes its getting worse on there
  8. hey ! i'm in devon too !
  9. I have just got the address of the original page its po box should i send back to that one?

    ladyisobel where abouts :biggrin:
  10. north devon,northam near bideford, you?
  11. If you paid with a debit card or credit card, file a claim with them asap, you have more power over paypal when your credit card company gets involved, hasn't anyone read about paypal on
  12. I paid With paypal funds :sad:
    And ladyisobel im from plymouth !!
  13. ha, my hubby's from plymouth and my mum was too, i still have some family there