Paypal case -Seller put no address am i covered?

  1. Paypal case -Seller put no address am i covered?

    I won the case with my broken used earrings and was told i could have a full refund if i returned back to seller
    However seller left address blank on paypal page

    I know seller address from the original payment page

    I emailed paypal asking what to do 3 days they havent got back to me and i only have 2 days left to post it back!:wtf:

    Its also a P.O Box addy

    Please Help !
  2. ooh, po box address? tricky. can you try phoning paypal?
  3. I would phone paypal on their 1-800 number to get a response from a live person.
  4. diff number for uk though i would imagine
  5. I always asked the seller to provide me the street address instead of PO Box before I pay. I had that painful experience before.

    Hopefully PayPal or eBay can provide you further help. Please keep us posted.
  6. I'm not totally understanding.....

    BUT, I just talked to paypal today and was told you must send items back to a paypal confirmed address to be protected. I was also told in a claim, they would tell you where to send the item, which I assume would be the confirmed address.