Paypal Case Opened After 4 days?

May 22, 2008
Long Island, NY
I recently sold a wallet for $313 (including shipping) on eBay. The item ended on December 11th. I received an e-mail today from PayPal stating that the buyer opened a case.. 4 days later! PayPal put my account into the negative to give her her money back "pending the investigation." I sold one small item after that so I lost that money and then some while I wait for this to clear up.

I am so upset, this is screaming scam!!! to me. The buyer contacted me after she paid and said something along the lines of "the item needs to match the description, otherwise I'm not interested". I replied saying of course it does and that I would be shipping the wallet out in the next day or two. As of this evening the wallet it in Sacramento CA, and will most likely be delivered to her tomorrow or Saturday. I bought the postage through PayPal so the tracking number was updated on eBay's website. I don't understand why she was able to open a claim after 4 days and I don't understand why PayPal automatically takes the money away from me.

When I called eBay they said it was a PayPal issue, and the woman at PayPal said something about how buyers are anxious during the holiday season, which.. I get, but, this whole situation seems ridiculous and that didn't make me feel any better. I updated the PayPal case with the tracking number and was told I would get my money back once the item shows delivered. I worry the funds won't be in her account and I'll have to play a waiting game.

The only issue with the transaction was that when I first printed postage, my pinter was out of ink, so I had to cancel it and buy a new label, so 2 tracking numbers show up.. 1 is inactive, the other shows where the wallet has been on its way from NY to CA. Also, when I first bought postage I had insurance on the item, and now while I'm looking over it, it looks like I didn't select that option. Am I screwed?

The buyer has 5 feedback, I have over 300. I've sold many luxury items from my personal collection with no problem. I've had only one problem when I purchased an item, which I previously wrote about on here. It took me over 2 months to get over $600 back. The way PayPal and eBay do things makes me want to give up and close my eBay account.

Any advice?


Dec 27, 2009
Oh for God's sake. So the buyer is inexperienced and is acting like a moron, does not understand the workings of a Paypal claim, and is filing prematurely JUST IN CASE? And Paypal let this person get away with it? Really. Like, really. Wow. I am flabbergasted.

No, OP, I do not personally think you are screwed. I think that Paypal fudged big time on this and that you need to keep on calling back and talk to supervisor after supervisor until someone puts the money back in your account. Like, yesterday. So basically the buyer filed a claim and took your money away... For what? SNAD? No. INR? No. Tell me what gives Paypal the right to take your money for NO REASON. Just on the off chance that the item might not match your description and the buyer might not be interest? Paypal needs to take a hike. I'm sick just reading this. Please continue to call and harass Paypal.


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
What is the dispute for? Is it INR or SNAD?

Several misconceptions are in your thinking.

1. When case is opened, PP puts a hold on your funds but the buyer doesn't get an instant refund.
2. If the claim is for INR, once tracking shows delivery, respond to the dispute that the item has now been delivered and to close the claim. (It also won't hurt to call them and request it.
3. If claim is for SNAD, respond to the dispute that the item was mailed on such-and-such date and hasn't been delivered yet, so the claim has no merit. (Again, it wouldn't hurt to call and point this out to them.
4. You refer to having purchased insurance for the first shipping label. Did you also purchase signature confirmation? That's needed for an item that is $250 or more, including shipping.

Regarding the shipping label printing problems, are you aware that you could have reprinted the first label after changing the cartridge? It wasn't necessary to print a new one as labels can be reprinted for up to 24 hours after purchased.

And since you did print a second label, did you void the first one so you can get a credit for the amount? You can void an unused label up to 48 hours after not using it.
Apr 15, 2007
as suggested above, you need to be on the phone asap with PP and point all of the above out..

you should also e-mail your buyer and tell her the item should be received by today
or Saturday & again provide tracking info so she can look on line & see that the
package should be delivered in the next day or so...


Aug 9, 2011
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I had no idea one could open cases before an item was received. The hell?

What could one possibly say is the reason? She hasn't even seen the item!