Paypal Buyer Question

  1. I have a friend who ordered an item from eBay. She had it shipped to her mom's house, which was an unconfirmed address. Her mom said that the item has not arrived, but the DC says delivered. There was no signature confirmation or insurance on the package. Seller will not refund the money, as they say that it was delivered and there's no proof she's not scamming them. Will she be able to recover the money through Paypal (if the seller still has money in there)? I want to say yes, she will have no problem getting it back if the account has money in it, but I don't know for sure. TIA!
  2. Seller must ship to a confirmed address to be covered. Since she did not, PP will side with the buyer. If the listing showed 'pp buyer protection up to $XX' your friend will still get her money back even if the seller already took it out of her account.
  3. Thanks. She asked for a refund outside of Paypal, does she need to do a dispute first or can she escalate to a claim right away? I've never been on the buyer side of a Paypal dispute.
  4. She needs to file a PP dispute and, if it were me, I'd escalate it to a claim immediately stating that the seller refused a refund.