Paypal buyer protection is only $200?

  1. I purchased a LV handbag about 2 weeks ago,the auction stated 100% authentic money back guarentee, well it turns out the bag is a fake. I tried to contact the seller with no response.I opended a dispute still no response, so I ended up opending a claim and the seller has not responded she has until Feb 12 to respond and I know she is not going to, so here is my problem I paid $475.00 for this fake piece of s*** and the paypal buyers protection is only $200.00, paypal says that if the seller does not repond by the 12th that the dispute will be in my favor but will I get all my money back or will I only get back $200.00?
  2. If the seller has money in his account, you'd get all of it back, but if he emptied his paypal account (withdrew everything), you'd only get $200 (out of paypal's pocket). IF you paid with a credit card through paypal, you can do a chargeback and get all of your money back.
  3. I did pay with a cc, so that is good news. I know she probably emptied out her account.
  4. That's horrible. Good luck.

    Don't worry karma will come bite her in the a$$ 10 times harder!
  5. You'll need to file a complaint with eBay/PP first. If you don't get all your money back, then file a chargeback. That way your PP account won't get put into the negative by eBay/PP.
  6. I have often wondered this myself. Does it work the same way up to $2,000 if the seller has that protection on the listing? With regard to filing a chargeback on your credit card, do you do it yourself or does Paypal do it on your behalf? (Obviously I have never had to file this kind of claim....touch wood)
  7. For future reference, the listing will tell you how much you are covered for under paypals protection. Under "buy safely" with paypal you are covered up to.....
  8. These are two different issues. You can either do chargeback on your CC or file through Paypal, but when you file with Paypal I don't believe they are filing a chargeback for you.
  9. How do I go about doing a chargeback?
  10. Call your credit card compay about the procedure. Yet, you must first file a dispute with Paypal. Read instructions on Paypal website, or call Paypal directly for instructions.
    I have to say good luck to you, because getting your money back is a long and painful battle, especially with Paypal/eBay. For item significantly not as described, you need proof - a written communication by the manufacturer or independent authority with the company letterhead logo in the letter of (non-) authenticity. Oftentimes, this proof of authenticity is the show stopper, because it is difficult (not only costly) to obtain. Most people who went through the long process of claim filing lost it at the end, because they could not produce this critically needed document. When Paypal signal you to submit this document, they usually give you only 1 week's time (my experience is that you need 6-8 weeks). Moreover, adding insult to injury, even if you can get to home run, Paypal will subtract a $25 "administrative fee" from your maximum award of $200.
    Thus, the only way you will get FULL refund is to dispute the charge with your credit card company. However, depending on your credit card company, you may still be asked to provide proofs and at the minimum, Paypal's verdict. With some good credit card company, you may be able to get away with a less stringent proof (that is, no need for authenticity letter with company head logo).
    Again, good luck! Don't forget to contact your cc comany for instructions, just to be prepared.
  11. For those lucky enough to have American Express, that is the choice to use as CC. Use Paypal and use your Amex credit card. They will not question their customers on chargeback and I am pretty sure will "fight the battle " for you with Paypal. As for the other CC's (Visa, MC), that is still better than using straight paypal. Because as mentioned above, fraudulent sellers simply clean out their paypal acct. and Paypal can't get any money out of them. ALWAYS be cautious when buying from seller with low feedback. (only $200 paypal protection) Or sellers that don't take paypal at all - total red flag. Sellers have to have 50 FB to get the $2000 paypal protection. And then you should still use your credit card to pay through Payapl, Amex if you have it. My one problem with buyer (knock on wood) was he paid with Paypal , then did a Paypal chargeback claiming the item was significantly not as described (or some such b**s**t). There was a hold on my paypal due to this clown until it got straightened out. Long story short: he returned the item (thank goodness) and I immediately sold it to the next highest bidder. But what a waste of time.
  12. I only pay by paypal via CC and will only use my Amex. Amex has excellent customer service when you need to dsipute an item.

    Good luck!

  13. I purchased an item on ebay and it was never sent. So therefore, I did a chargeback immediatley on my VISA card. They were very good about giving my money back to me. They just asked what happened and then went ahead with the chargeback. Before I did that, I went online to Ebay's live help and asked if I had to file a claim with PayPal first and they said no. Go directly to your CC company and do the chargeback. I am happy. I got my $150 back. :yes:
  14. i had the same experience and only got back $200 and the item cost $350...i was stupid to pay with paypal funds.. :tdown: its been 6 months and i never got my $150 back..
  15. Well thanks for all your helpful comments, I will have to wait until Feb 12 to contact my cc company because I don't know what paypal is going to do. I will keep you updated.