Paypal Buyer Credit

  1. So today I logged on to my paypal acct to see my balance and right under the box that has your balance, I see a new box that reads "Paypal Buyer Credit" I don't recall applying for this. Does this mean that I have Paypal Buyer Credit now? Or does everyone have this and it's only activated if you apply? TIA for your help!
  2. i know I applied for it. it wasnt given to me automatically.
  3. I noticed the same thing on my account...I am going to call ....I'll let you know what I find out....
  4. i notice this too when I sign in. i haven't applied either... :/
  5. Thanks!! Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Never heard of this :confused1:
  7. i applied for it. you must have too, thinking you were following paypal orders to give them more info!
    its pretty cool. the whole 6month to pay off your first large purchase? i think i am going to buy a cb pap off eBay with it!
  8. Does it say you have a credit limit? I know I have that on my page, but I have credit through them...

  9. mine has "Not Applicable" in all the spaces - balance, min payment due, and whatever else it states in those boxes.