PayPal Bank Transfers

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  1. Anyone else find this fustrating?
    On the 16th I requested a funds transfer from my bank to PayPal on their site just like it is instructed. The funds are even uner $40 but I need this money in order to complete an e-bay transaction. No problems with the seller waiting, but I personally like transactions to be wrapped up a.s.a.p. as both a buyer/seller.
    My question is: The funds have already been deducted from my bank (the 19th they cleared from my checking), but they are still not showing on my PayPal account. I don't understand this. I would like to pay for my purchase but cannot do so b/c I need that little bit of money into my PayPal before I can complete checkout. I know the seller is waiting patiently but still I feel, IMO, that this makes me look bad or untrustworthy which is not what I am about. I take my e-bay trans. very seriously. Ugh! Help!
  2. Have you called PayFoe about this issue?
  3. I did and got tired of waiting for a live person. The details on PayPoo itself state that clearance is expected to be cleared by Jan. 22. But it was/has been already deducted/cleared from my checking acct. which leads me to believe that it should have posted on my PayPal in my available funds.
  4. I sometimes think they take out the funds in pennies and give each one a little kiss before putting it onto any account. When I had to wait for funds to arrive literally as I could not otherwise pay for postage, they managed to make me incredibly late too. They say four to six days, it is usually eight.
  5. Looks like you have two options: (1) wait and see what happens, (2) make the call and stay on line until you speak to someone.
  6. Legsie - bank to bank transfers (pp is considered a "bank") always take a few days. It's like they take your money and "send" it to pp.

    What might be easier in the future is to link your checking account to your pp account so that payments are a direct transfer. That way it saves the 3 days from your bank to pp, then another day or so from pp to seller.

    Or use your debit card as a CC transaction to make it faster.

    At this point, I think you and your seller just have to wait.
  7. ^^It was a direct from bank to my pp.... at least I thought so. My bank was already in my file with pp. Hopefully since pp says (I'm giggling inside like a little grill everytime I type "pp" must be getting sleepy)- they say in the "details" that it is expected to "clear" on Jan. 22 so that is tomorrow. If it isn't in there by mid-morning- I'm calling pp.
  8. did you do an echeck or instant transfer?
  9. ^^Update: The money finally showed up in my pp acct.!! Yay! So I was able to complete my transaction!! Thank goodness! :sunshine:
    Thanks to all who replied.