Paypal balance minus? Holding Funds Related I think

Nov 12, 2006
Devon, Uk
Guys need your help
I sold a Gift card on a new ebay account i opened When the funds came through they were held by paypal (21 day policy) I felt kind of iffy about this and upon seeing the buyer being unconfirmed i Refunded payment
my paypal is now saying
CurrencyAvailablePendingBalanceBritish Pound:-£151.10 GBP£231.76 GBP£80.66 GBP

I dont understand as i have no claims against my account
Can anyone explain whats going on?

moi et mes sacs

Science Geek!
Sep 22, 2007
Maybe the seller paid by echeque which never cleared, then you did an instant refund so you basically paid her back before she paid you?? Just my theory.