Paypal available and pending balance

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  1. Hello ladies!
    I wonder if you can help me!
    I sell on ebay for the past years, and when I was receiving a payment, the money was always immediately available in my paypal balance so I could withdraw them.
    Now I have sold two items (in UK and Mexico). The payments are complete, but the money is not available. It says available balance 0 and total balance: the money I received for the two bags. Why does paypal hold my funds since I am not a new seller? Do I have to ship the bags? Both are ok to ship.

  2. Here are some common reasons we may hold payments in a pending balance:

    • You have limited history or selling activity.
    • You have low Detailed Seller Ratings, negative Feedback, or other indication of below-standard performance on eBay.
    • You have a high rate of customer refunds, disputes, claims, or chargebacks.
    • You're selling in a high risk category or industry such as tickets, travel, gift certificates, computers, consumer electronics, or mobile phones.
    • Your business or selling activity is inconsistent. For example, you have a spike in selling activity, your average selling price changes, or you started selling in a new category.
    • The account information you have provided is incomplete or inaccurate, or we're uncertain about the information you've provided.
    • Your withdrawal activity has changed.
    Do any of these apply?
  3. Thank you!

    None of these reasons apply, except maybe from the one I have put in bold? I don't know! I think I will call paypal tomorrow morning!
  4. When was the last time you sold an item before these two items? If there is a gap of a few months in your selling history, Paypal tends to reinstate the 21 day hold on funds, even if you're an experienced seller. :smile:
  5. Paypal does that too me my first few items they held funds for a couple of weeks, I would suggest calling as long as the items have been delivered and seller has left positive feedback you should be good and they can release immediately. in Feb I sold a bag for $1500, the funds were actually released before the proceeds from a wallet sale posted for $65!! i was told its really just a matter of adding tracking# to paypal, and the buyers feedback left for you. But call paypal and if everything is done-tracking# in paypal, item shows as delivered, buyer left positive feedback-then they can release-good luck