Paypal asking for PROOF OF FAKE

  1. Hey everyone, I had the unfortunate experience of purchasing an older Gucci bag that wound up being fake (the buttons had a MADE IN PAKISTAN stamp on the buckle). Ridiculous. Filed and escalated Paypal claim, but now they want me to fax over a form from a appraiser or dealer saying why this is fake. I did this before with carol diva of mypoupette for Vuitton, does anyone know how I can get this service for a Gucci bag? Thanks!
  2. Is it vintage? If it is vintage, I think you can ask caroldiva.
  3. I think both Carol Diva and My Poupette should be able to help you. Have you asked either?
  4. I think my poupette will do it, but there is an additional fee for non-LV items
  5. Thanks for the reply guys, I will ask carol, I've worked with her on a fake Vuitton before, I didn't know she did Gucci too, it appears to be a 90s era Gucci. I will ask her and update you guys. Thanks again!
  6. Man...this is exactly why I will never buy handbags on eBay, I bought a couple older Dooneys several years ago and got lucky as they were real..but I won't buy a Coach, I think I'd be pushing my luck and its simply not worth the hassle that ensues to save a $100, I'd rather spend the extra and buy from Coach or a Coach outlet and KNOW I am getting the real deal.