Paypal asked me to destroy the fake bag i recieved?

  1. Hello,

    I am currently in dispute with a seller regarding a fake bag. Paypal has asked me:

    'In order to continue with the investigation of your claim, we require that you destroy and discard the item in question and provide PayPal with a document confirming the item's destruction'

    They asked me to fill in a form and fax to confirm i have done this.

    so the question remains, do i only fill the form and fax or do i have to provide proof of destruction also, if so how would i do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :heart:
  2. Weird! I never heard such this thing, perhaps new policy? so they wish instead you return to the seller then seller resell it to another ( which is illegal coz she's selling counterfeit ), it's better to destroy it??
  3. I have never heard of anything like this. Are you sure the message came from PayPal? Did they say how you were supposed to destroy it? I'd be suspicious too!
  4. Don't yet destroy it, you're destroying evidence and they're still investigating!!! Make sure the e-mail was legit, and contained the right info if it was, and how they want to make sure you got a fake if it was destroyed by you! Be super careful with this.
  5. I would CALL paypal to verify what they want you to do...
  6. I find this really odd. Since when is the responsibility up to you to do that. If paypal is the arbiter, they should destroy the evidence, at least they will know it happened and that it is a fake. Do you maybe have a lawyer friend, or someone on work ?
  7. never heard of this. to get money back, item always has to be returned to the seller.
  8. Very unusual request by Paypal, But I think it could be true from seeing the other post it seems like this is yet another way for paypal to not have to do anything and give very little money back. Phone paypal just to make sure and then see where you have to go from there. Sorry this happened to you and good luck :flowers:
  9. I'd also be suspicious. Would you have a phone recorder by any chance? Maybe call the customer help line and make sure someone confirms that this is what they want you to do and have it recorded.

    I find it very odd that they would want you to destroy the evidence...
  10. to me it sounds like a catch 22: the fake bag is your proof to get your money back... if you destroy it you have no evidence anymore ?!!!
  11. Yeah I've never heard of this one...DON'T destroy it.
  12. I've heard about this from the eBay's Paypal forum, maybe you can go over there and check it out?
  13. Paypal already has the statment of non-authenticity from this is the next stage. I will contact them today to make sure they want me to destroy the bag.
  14. That's really strange, I have never heard such a thing. I would call paypal and confirm.