Paypal are criminals

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  1. I have been so upset by my Paypal dabacle that I have not been sleeping!!

    They limited my account, froze the funds of my sellers (I bought an expensive bag btw!!) and have given me no reasons why they are doing it!

    I really am at a loss. I have given them every ounce of infomation they need. They have now said I must add tracking info showing the items delivered, but there is one item that has no info. This is frustrating because the buyer has left feedback, so I know it has been delivered. I cannot help that Royal Mail have a useless tracking service. The item is only worth £25 anyway!

    So now I just wait for the next round of things I need to do to get my account in order. The funny thing is after the seller has their funds unfrozen, I don't even want this crap account anyway!!

    So my seller does not have the money and I don't have the money. Paypal have the money....and there is a lot of it...almost £1,000!!

    What a terrible situation. My advice, don't touch Paypal....ever!!!
  2. oh. I totally understand. This week was horrible for me. Not only paypal suddenly froze my account, ebay locked my account indefinitely because paypal wants to verify information because a buyer file chargeback just because one of the item I sold to her is purchased off ebay(authentic). I could do anything. They hold all my money and I have no idea how long they will keep the account frozen.
    What bother me most is that they give no reason and calling them has no use. I am done with ebay and paypal.
    Wish there is something we can do about this.
  3. maybe paypal's doing it on purpose. so they get more interest for holding your money.:shrugs:
  4. I think that there is such a massive fraud problem that innocents are getting caught in the net as Paypal tries to figure out how to stop the bleeding. Ebay started out as a great way to get buyers and sellers together, now the scammers and criminals have ruined it.

  5. I have to agree with this. It's imperfect, but I think the aim is to weed out bad sellers and scamming buyers.
    Sorry you got caught up in it.
  6. I agree...most everything on ebay now is fake. it makes me sick to see someone pay $$$ for fake stuff.
  7. I smell a huge class-action lawsuit coming Paypal's way. Even if just everyone on this board who has been hurt by Paypal stealing their money got a lawyer and sued them, Paypal would be out a lot of money.

    This is definitely coming. It just depends on who is organizing it where. Paypal has faced several lawsuits already about their claim that they are not a "bank" but they act like one and are breaking banking laws.
  8. Honestly, I do think PayPal is an acceptable "scam" to an extent. I had problems with them in the past and I no longer use eBay/PayPal because of it. Once they have your money, they don't care what happens after that.
  9. It probably got "froze" under paypals new risky transaction policy. They will put a hold on it until the a.)seller can prove delivery B.) 30 days have passed with no snad/INR not filed or C.) buyer leaves positive fb

    If your buyer left fb, contact them to let them know, however it could take several days for them to release the hold if that is actually what it is.
  10. Is this the new "21-day holding" policy PayPal has just came out? This sure is a good reason for sellers moving onto Google checkout (of course, without letting eBay know). This is so unfair and sad!
  11. Just for my knowledge, how many of you would it bother to purchase from a seller who doesn't accept paypal - just money orders, or cashiers checks. I have seriously thought about doing this but was afraid the delay in mailing would put some women off. I have two claims pending for over $1600.00 and I'm really getting sick of this. The info. and delivery signatures are in their hands and I still don't have my money back. Both people have left positive feedback and paypal has copies of all the information. :cursing:

  12. There was a classaction suit against paypal a couple years back. Paypal lost, but I think the lawyers got most of the settlement.
  13. I would also Like to just accept money/orders and cashiers check paypal is useless. They protect no-one but themselves. There has to be a better alternative. And of course they dont want you using google. Isnt paypal owned by ebay. They have no competition so they can monopolize it anyway they want. It really irks me. Ive only been selling for a year and already I can see a big difference from when i started and just want to call it quits~
  14. I believe if you only accept MO or cashier check, you'd loose quite some customers, plus it will take extra days for receiving payment. PayPal doing so will only encourage sellers going with Google checkout.