Paypal and shipping address advice?

  1. I have a buyer who's overseas, and the story seems weird. She wanted to pay by Paypal, but said she's on holidays and wanted it shipped to that address. I said I am only willing to ship to the address listed on the Paypal account, so she said she would change it and did.

    So she paid yesterday, and I've got the package to go. She then sends me an e-mail saying "due to family circumstances... this is my new address. Can you send it here please."

    I feel weird doing that, esp since I don't think I'm protected if I am. Her FB is private, and only 95%. WWYD?
  2. That is a bit strange. You could probably send her another e-mail stating that you will send the package to the address, but that you're also not liable for any losses that could potentially be incurred. The fact that she keeps changing the addresses and telling you different things is confusing, but I don't think you should be responsible.

    Sorry, I hope that makes sense! You should probably keep records of these e-mails just in case something bad happens.
  3. YOU are only protected if you send it to the pp address, if you decide to ship differently you are not under protection, and if something bad happens it will be your fault. I would think twice before I did what the buyer asked.

    ONly my opinion
  4. Wow, I didn't know that. Don't take my word!
  5. Big flag. Don't do it! Is her PP address in the US and her new address overseas & where? I'm not saying she's trying to scam you, but that's why paypal advises the buyer to only send to a confirm address and won't honor their pp protection policy unless it's followed, especially when it's overseas. It's posted on their site that the confirmed address is the only one they've applied their safguards to. It sounds fishy that she changed the address not once but twice at the last minute. It may be on the up and up, but even then, you've already stated what your condition is the first time so it's disrespectable to even ask again. Don't take a chance. How's her feedback?
  6. Thanks for the input - that's what my gut is telling me too!

    I ship internationally all the time, and the buyer is registered in Belgium which would be fine normally. She initally said her holiday address is elsewhere in Belgium, which is where she changed her PP addy too, and that's how I made up the package. It's weird to me that she wants is changed to another Belgium address, when she just changed it like 2 days ago!

    OK, I've decided to send her an e-mail re-iterating that I will only send to the Paypal address on file. I said if she wants to send another payment with the new addy, then I'll send to that and refund the original payment. Otherwise I'll just send it to the first addy.

    What a pain... I just don't want to be screwed over. Her FB is 95% and she's made it private too, so I can't check what the previous concerns were.
  7. There used to be a web site to read the private feedback but ebay shot 1/2 of it down,
    you could look at watchers on an item, and look at private feedback but now you only check, neg feedback, completed items and so forth. Still all in all a good web page.
  8. ^^^can you see who is watching items on ebay via goofbay? I don't think so but thought I'd ask! Thank you!
  9. You used to be able to see that on Goofbay but they did away with back in the spring. It was so neat, A bag I really wanted I looked it up and had 75 watchers on it as well, I though well I guess its gonna be a fight and it was!

    Wish that was still an option on Goofbay.
  10. I wish it would work! Oh well!
  11. Tweetie, you did the right thing. =) It's better to be safe than sorry.

  12. Hi, im not so sure if i should post this here

    I have a question re- CONFIRMED address for Paypal. What is the confirmed address? Is it the one that is on my Paypal profile?

    Thanks in advance, everyone. =)

    Sorry Tweetie that i just jumped in your thread.
  13. If she is not in the US her address can not be confirmed with paypal so you wont be covered even if you ship to her paypal address.
    So if she asks you to ship to another address it wont make a difference if she files a claim. Paypal will tell you to be covered under the seller protection you have to ship to a confirmed address. I have went around & around about this with paypal & have even had paypal reps say "do not ship outside the US, you will not be covered"

    All I can say is if you do ship to her make sure you ship Via EMS because without proof of shipment & delivery she can file a dispute & get her money back.

    I was scammed out of $200 last year. I used to always ship small items via airmail. I got hit hard once international scammers found out they could file & dispute & win if the seller could not prove delivery.
    Now alot of sellers will not ship overseas because the only way to track is vis EMS and most buyers do not want to spend that much on shipping for cheaper items.

    Someone said this the other day & it is so true.
    "Paypal is not your pal":yes:
  14. Chico- A confirmed address is one that has been confirmed through paypal, it could be confirmed that this is your billing address for your credit card, or bank account and there fore when you check out will have a C by your address and sellers will know since you get your billing statements at that address then you will also get your package.

    Hope you understand, YOu can also go to questions in p.p. and type it in and they can explain better.
  15. Don't do it! Either send it to her when she gets back to that address or have her change her address and resend payment.