paypal and foreign currency

  1. Good morning,
    In the terms of my current auctions, I state that international bidders must contact me first for shipping rates. SOmeone from Canada contacted me about a purse I'm selling and I told the person the rates, and also said that they would have topay in u.s. dollars because paypal charges a conversion fee from canadian dollars. It was only after I sent the reply that I realized I could have been breaking the rules? Is that against eBay policy to require payment in a specific currency?

    Between the eBay and regular paypal fees, I don't want to lose anymore money on the transaction from currency conversion fees.

  2. If you setup your auction in USD then your buyer have to send you payment in USD, too unless you both agree to do in another currency :smile:
  3. You're the seller, you can request payment in any form of currency you want. If I buy something off eBay UK I pay in GBPs.
    I lose money, but if I find something there that I can't find here, that's something I just deal with.
  4. i'm an international buyer in a country and currency no people would except payment from LOL
    adn when i pay with paypal, i always pay with the currency stated on the auction.
  5. Don't worry - I live in Canada, and as long as your auction is set up in USD, Paypal will convert our Canadian credit cards into US funds and you won't even be able to tell!