paypal and ebay

  1. do you find it suspicious when a seller wont take paypal even if you offer to pay the fees? I can see if the potential buyer has little feedback or bad feedback or is international but otherwise it makes no sense to me
  2. There are lots of fraud on eBay. The worst scenario a seller experienced is chargeback. Buyer can report to their credit co. that they did not execute the paypal transaction and called for a chargeback. chargeback can be due to the paypal account of a paypal client has been hacked, the person who stole the account sent funds to the seller. Seller sent out item to the 'fake' buyer but real payer claimed charge back.

    If the eBay seller has all positive feedbacks and all comments are good, I will not be hesitant to bid on her/his item, although they do not take paypal. Currently, I can see more and more eBay sellers do not wish taking paypal.
  3. I agree and can understand this. Especially with chargeback being possible apparently MONTHS after the sale.
    I have no problem with wire transfer to sellers that I trust.
  4. wow --i had no idea
  5. I find it suspicious;and I would not risk sending a wire transfer in most cases.
    I bought a Rolls Royce on Ebay once and the Seller took part of the payment through Paypal. The balance was wired to him after my husband verified all of the pertinent paperwork on the car.
    I actually found an honest used car salesman in Ft Lauderdale Florida!

  6. well the issue with chargebacks not withstanding, i find it somewhat suspect as well........
  7. I agree^^. I haven't purchased many items on ebay...and wouldn't unless paypal was an option. I just need some protection.

  8. Seems a little odd, why won't they if you agree to pay fees? I would be wary, just my 2 cents.
  9. As a seller Paypal is one big risk. Buyers have a million ways to scam you with Payal so I can perfectly understand why a seller would rather not accept it. I would rather not accept it as a seller but I know that would reduce the number of bidders. eBay is really tough for sellers right now.
  10. I only send MO when the seller is in NYC, b/c if there is a problem I can knock on their door since I'm only a 65 minute drive away.

    As mentioned above, they could just be sick of chargebacks.

  11. This is exactly how I feel.
  12. Yeah - despite all the eBay/Paypal shenanigans, I am still suspicious if someone does not take Paypal (even when I offer to pay fees). My feeling is that maybe they have an outstanding problem with Paypal. I tend not to bid on any auctions that do not take Paypal UNLESS I know the person really well either IRL or from forums.

    Although the way eBay is heading who knows what is going to happen in the future :shrugs:
  13. all great points of view and enlightening........thanks everyone

  14. Well put! I have thought about this many times myself. Besides the obvious chargebacks, unconfirmed addresses and Paypal (sometimes dumb rules). Ebay owns Paypal so it's ridiculous that Ebay gets a listing fee, final value fee AND a Paypal fee for holding the funds in an account. Total monopoly...I hate it!
  15. there was a brief period of time for sellers to charge extra paypal fee, but later eBay announced it's not a 'fair' practice; the price of a meal is same regardless you pay cash or credit card and so should your auction be. As a seller, I still do accept paypal as it's still main stream of exchange platform, yet i do encourage MO, bank wire by offer some sort of discount :flowers: Paypal also don't protect international buyers or international funds anyway.