Paypal and disputes, please help!

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  1. Ok I received a fake purse which I paid for thru paypal (no ebay auction involved). I filed a dspute w/paypal and got a generated email that said as long as I RECEIVED the item that's all paypal is concerned with, doesn't matter if it wasn't as described and that it's fake. Do I have any more recourse w/paypal? I paid using my savings thru my bank, not paypal funds. I will be out $300 so I'm furious. I just sent a lengthy email to paypal saying why do they put on their site that you are protected against fakes, yet when you try to file a dispute, all they care about is that you GOT the package? I told them I wanted to send the purse back to the seller w/a letter that the purse isn't authentic and receive a refund....

    If paypal refuses, do I have any recourse thru my bank? I hate dishonest people :Push:

    Maybe I should email the seller and tell her I want a refund and see what happens? Help :sad:
  2. You're supposed to open an "item no as descibed" case not a "item not received" case. Call them on the phone too
  3. right that's what I did (filed not as described) - and paypal deferred the dispute saying that since I received the item it doesn't matter that it is counterfeit...I am going to call tomorrow for sure and speak w/a supervisor. Paypal has been known to screw up before so it won't be the first time!
  4. Did you contact the seller before doing all of this?

    (I had to delete the rest of my response, since I read after the fact that it wasn't through ebay. I was going to suggest threatening to leave negative feedback. Sorry!).

    Yeah, I hate PayPal. A lot. I bought a bag not from ebay, and it was a scam. I never got the bag. Several others were scammed, too. Because of PayPal's privacy agreement, they wouldn't even give us the seller's address or anything. The seller had already transferred the funds from her account, so PayPal couldn't retreive any of our money.
  5. yup, unfortunately, unless paypal gets another complaint from someone else regarding the same seller the case is closed. but EVEN if they re open the case, they cannot refund you the money if the seller has already withdrawn the funds, the most they can do is suspend their account! their $1000 protection is a load of crap.
  6. oh that's depressing :sad: I emailed the seller kind of threatening legal action and will keep fingers crossed that she refunds me. I am so frustrated but have learned my lesson big time!!!!
  7. well, I just relieved from almost the same situation. I called my bank to dispute the trnsaction, n I got my money back.yay:smile:

    but now, I have another problem,
    my paypal balance is minus (because my bank has canceled the transaction)!!!that means I can do anything with paypal till I pay!!!
    im not gonna pay for nothing!!!but, if I leave it like that, I couldnt do any ebay transaction...

    do u guys know what should I do?thx
  8. Congrats in getting your money back! My suggestion is open another... ;)

    Paypal really s**ks. For buyers and for sellers. Only scammers seem to win...
  9. Thx leanbeanee:smile:
    yeah, all of my friends told me to open a new paypal account too...:smile:
  10. Yeah, paypal sucks! I received a piece of LV junk that was advertised as like new. I file a dispute with paypal and ebay and all they said was the item significantly not as described is a matter of personal opinion. What am I stupid, can't see the difference between like new and a smelly beat up bag? Then I went to my credit card to file a complaint and paypal froze my account. BUYER PROTECTION? Really, what is that? They even screwed me over when I file a charge back, paypal just withdrew more fund from me, lost another 20.00 for nothing. Paypal are scam artist!
  11. Twinklette, the same exact thing happened to me...I received the rejection from PayPal as soon as I filed the claim. It almost seems automated.
    The only difference is I paid through CC so hopefully they'll have my back. Did you ever call PayPal?
  12. Waaay back in the day. Around this time last year. I bought a purse I thought was authentic and it wasn't. I waited and waited and never received the purse and was out 459 dollars.

    So I filed with paypal a dispute and all that happened was they decided in my favor. The only option I had was to call my Credit Card company and make a dispute.

    So call your bank and file a dispute on that amount. It may take longer through your bank, but it should be ok.