Paypal and collecting $$$ ....$500 limit

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  1. Is there a way to transfer more than $500.00 per month from my paypal account to my checking? Thanks!
  2. Yes, by adding a credit card to your Paypal account.

    Before, I had only my bank account verified in my Paypal account. Then, I had some money, over $500, credited to my account. When I requested to transfer the cash to my bank account, Paypal limited my transfer to some $250 per month or so. At the same time, it informed me that I could lift the limit by adding a credit card in my account. I followed the direction and added a cc, and I was able to transfer all my money right away.

    Of course, if I decide later to delete my credit card from my Paypal account, I can do so without any problem.
  3. I will have to look into it...I thougt I already had my cc on file wit paypal....hmmmm....thanks!
  4. You have to go into a different section, they charge you like 1.95 and then on the charge statement there is a special code that you get from your credit card statement. Once you have that code-like 4 or 5 numbers you go back to paypal and plug it in.
    It is different than having the credit card on file for just buying, it is something only for sellers.
  5. Yes, that was exactly what I did with my credit card to get it verified the first time.

    I also had to do a simialr thing to get my bank account verified.