Paypal and cc problem

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  1. I need some help with Paypal please. I made an offer for an item on Bonanzle that was accepted. Now, when I go to pay using Paypal, I don't have the option to use my linked credit card. The page literally says I cannot use my credit card for the transaction and will only allow instant transfer. I currently do not have enough in my checking to cover the item, plus I would like to use my credit card for increased protection.

    When I pull of the credit card info under my Paypal profile it says 'confirmed' underneath the billing address. Is there some other confirmation I need to do? I have also been able to use this card when shopping with other merchants without a problem.

    I don't understand why I can use my cc for this transaction. Is there something additional I need to do? If someone could walk me through fixing this I would really appreciate it. I'm super frustrated!
  2. I hope I can help...when you go to profile in PP it should give you the option of adding a credit card to link to your account...did you do that yet?? if you did what i would do is delete that card and then re-add it to your account and see if it works....then when you pay for the item it should give you the option of using other funds to pay for your have to switch that option from your bank account to your credit card as your backup payment...

  3. I wouldn't delete and re add it. It may tell you it is already on file or may make you confirm it again which will take longer. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is my experience.
  4. you may be right....i am not sure...when i entered my CC i never had an issue using it as backup and I have used it many times....could it be that the seller only accepts transfers for a purchase???

  5. That could very well be, but if you have the cc linked as your back up funding source I am not sure why it matters. Weird. Let us know OP. I am also curious to hear other people's opinions.
  6. Maybe you should call Paypal and ask. Usually the people there are pretty helpful with these types of issues.
  7. ^^That is a great idea. Why didn't I think of that?
  8. Thanks everybody! I will call Paypal tomorrow if I can't figure it out. When I go to change the payment method my cc is grayed out and I cannot choose it, even thought it is clearly linked to the account. When I told the seller that I haven't made payment due to this problem, she seemed confused so I don't think it's anything on her end. I'll let you know if/when I get it resolved.
  9. it really is so weird!!! and i agree why didnt we think to
  10. maybe the persons paypal account isn't set up to accept credit card payments.

    i know when i started selling (well on ebay) a person sent me payment using a credit card. when i signed into paypal, it told me that if i wanted the funds to be released into my account, i had to convert my paypal account into a "business" account (rather than personal) and that they would begin to deduct fees in order for me to accept CCs.

    maybe the same is for the seller but they refuse to convert from personal to business account?
  11. Well, I called Paypal. I was told that some 'security measure' on their end decided the payment can only be made via instant transfer, I think due to the relatively larger payment I'm making ($575.00). This, despite the fact that I am verified and have a confirmed CC. They also said there was no way to override this. I'm super frustrated. They couldn't give me a solid reason why, nor fix it, nor tell me how to prevent the problem in the future. I did some googling and have found that others have run into the same thing.

    Now I have to wait for more funds to be transferred from my savings to my checking account before I make the payment. I'm keeping the seller posted on what is going on, but I'm sure it all seems really shady from her point of view.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  12. exactly.. if you need additional help or guidance, contact pp they

    will help talk you thru this over the phone.. also when you go to

    pay for the transaction, it will ask additional funding options where the

    amount is.. look for it.. it usually is on the top of the pp page and click

    and the additional other funds will show..and then proceed with the new

    cc info..
  13. I guess I'm just really confused. I have a cc linked to my payapal that I've used to check out with other merchants. Of this particular case, when I went through to pay, the default of course was instant transfer. I clicked to change the funding source and this is what was displayed:

    Funding Options
    Some payment methods are not available for this transaction.
    • Credit Card - This payment cannot be funded with a credit card.
    This payment can only be funded with Instant Transfer.

    My cc information was only the page, only 'grayed out' so I could not use it. I called paypal and they confirmed this was the case due to some kind of 'security measures'--that I could not use my cc and there was no way to override this from their end. I can't seem to find a way around this.
  14. I would be a little worried paying for an item on bonanzle without a CC, just as if anything were to go wrong you will have little protection from paypal as it's an outside of ebay transaction. I know a lot of girls here swear by using a CC just as if anything were to go wrong, then they have the extra option of a chargeback as a back up option.
    I would call up again and try to speak to someone else at paypal, just to confirm that there is no way around this?
    Otherwise maybe you could pay using your credit card via "google checkout" if the seller would be willing to accept this?
  15. I have had this happen to me as well. Unfortunately, there is an issue at times when PP will only let you do an instant transfer. I would email the seller and inform her of your situation. Maybe she could cancel the transaction and send you an invoice straight out from PP (there is a CREATE INVOICE button underneath the "Request Money" section) and you can try again?