Paypal aggravation

  1. So, i properly went through the paypal dispute resolution channel to claim for $385 for an eBay item that was not shipped to me from seller (looong story here about death in family, then a vacation, then ubiquitous bank problems then back-ache problems and then the straw that broke the camel's back was UPS problems)...

    After this long saga, PAYPAL credits me with $28.33 and proclaims the case as CLOSED! is it just me or does everyone see the seller snickering at this joke of a resolution???

    SOoooooo:huh:OOOooo angry. Have to wait till 28th to take this up w/ my credit card (VISA) as the means of transfer was from my Visa card. Qu

    Question for the experienced ladies/gentlemen here is if it's possible to claim from my CC and cancel this pathetic paypal resolution process???? And if so, is it as simple as calling paypal and asking them to take back their $28.33 they credited??
  2. omg, why only 28$? WTH!?
  3. omg, had she withdrawn your money? and that was all she had in her paypal account?
  4. yes...that's what happened. and to think i gave this woman and all her looong stories about illnesses and death the benefit of the doubt .... i feel like a fool!!
  5. I don't know how to get PayPal to take back their petty $28 resolution, but file with your CC company for the full amount. That's ridiculous. If she didn't ship the bag then you should get your full amount refunded by PayPal.:cursing:
  6. I almost fell off my chair! I sincerely thought that this would be a fair resolution process!! Like my bf says, I must be absolutely nuts!
  7. Paypal can be abit of a pain sometimes.. You should call paypal directly and get this resolved.
    Then you should call your cc and explain your situation if you get your credit back from your cc then you can close the paypal claim but I wouldn't close it just yet til the matter is resolved. Good Luck!
  8. hold on....
    so paypal didn't approve your claim?
    but they charged u with fees??? :wtf:

    i'm sooo sorry, but i don't know how the claim regulation works, i just claim on paypal last week with an open dispute for communication with the sellers.
    adn paypal have approved my claim and give me back my money with about 20$ fees cut from the transaction...
  9. If you dont receive an item, you ONLY get your money back if the seller has it in their account. THIS IS NEVER THE CASE! B/c once you send them the money, they immediately pull it out. Call you CC company, say you ordered something and it was never received. They will ask the seller to submit proof of mailing and receipt and if he/she cant, you should get it all back. Let me know how it goes!!
  10. thanks for the response.
    the WEIRDEST part of this whole fiasco is that the seller does actually have a UPS tracking # which works as well and is actually for TORONTO, ONTARIO (where i am from) but it is NOT here!!

    The tracking 1ZT032296894263051 on the UPS website says it's in TORONTO, ONTARIO (and it has been showing this since february 20th 2007! ) I don't know how the seller has done this because there is NO way that the item could have taken this long to arrive and moreover there's no way that UPS has even tried delivering (concierge in bldg)...but i'm really quite lost as to how the seller has done this...perhaps it's a previous item sent??

    uhhhh! arrrGH!
    btw for other users, the ebayer is divameshop[​IMG] and all her feedback thus far is based upon buying DVDs...should really have STAYED away....

  11. well unless it says delivered then there is no proof it ever was. Dispute the charge with ur cc company
  12. And herein lies the hell of paypal 'protection' - it can only protect you so far as the seller (whose honesty one is already questioning because you're making a claim) allows i.e. if they have half a brain then they withdraw the money and out of the window goes all protection. I honestly feel it's the equivalent of Paypal saying 'we found the crook but it's up to you to secure the refund'. Paypal protection = whatever the con men happen to leave lying in their account which is usually nothing. Hopeless and I too have been burned alas.
  13. Don't worry, your CC company can override paypal. I've had to do it myself a few times. If you have Amex, they are usually the best to work with. If not, you will still get your money back.

  14. That does happen from time to time. You have to actually call UPS to get accurate tracking information. Call them and ask where the bag is. Tell them you never received the item.