PayPal advice needed for bag sale to Denmark

  1. Hi all, it is my first time posting here as a prospective seller but I need some advice from you lovely ladies regarding a forthcoming PayPal transaction. I have an interested buyer for a bag of mine via the Preloved website but as there is unfortunately no way of paying on the site itself the buyer wants to pay me via PayPal. She is based in Copenhagen and I am based in the UK. I have sold lots of items via Preloved before including some high value ones but always with the buyer paying me by bank transfer and within the UK, so selling to someone abroad is unfamiliar territory for me. The bag is a relatively high value item (selling price is over £400 plus the cost of international postage via DHL).

    I know enough about selling high value items to know that I should get fully tracked and insured postage and I have already agreed with the buyer that we will send her an invoice via PayPal first and that following payment the bag will be sent to her PayPal registered address. My question is, since I am very new to using PayPal other than for stuff that I have bought rather than sold (and I have been lucky enough to never have any problems as a buyer), am I fully covered in case anything goes wrong at a later point - e.g. the buyer does a chargeback for no reason - particularly as the sale is being done off eBay/Preloved etc? I know I sound paranoid and at this point in time do not feel I have any reason to be as the buyer seems like a lovely lady and keen to do everything properly (she refused my initial suggestion of doing a bank transfer, understandably from her point of view) but I have read enough horror stories on here that I am nervous and want to cover myself for all eventualities. I seem to remember reading in a thread on here that there is something I can check within PayPal to ensure the transaction is covered by them in case I need to open a case at a later date - how do I establish this? Also, it may not be relevant but as my PayPal account is not fully verified I am using my husband's. We have the same last name but as all correspondence has been via Preloved using my login/details does that make any difference to being covered by PayPal if I needed to prove anything at a later point?

    TIA :smile:
  2. As with eBay, PayPal has more buyer protection than seller protection. But if the condition of the bag is well documented with pictures and accurate description and you get tracking and insurance on your shipment, you should be fine.
  3. You already know about tracking and insurance but you may want to add signature confirmation due to the amount of money involved. Sending the package to the address paypal gives you will protect you from a INR case. As far as a potential chargeback, unfortunately, no one is 100% safe from this. Its a risk you take when you sell online. You can follow the rules and do everything right but there is no protection from a chargeback. If you described the item honestly and wrote a thorough description you should be fine. Most transactions go off without any problems so unless you are getting a ‘bad gut feeling’ from the buyer, you should be fine.
  4. When someone sends you a payment, at the top right-hand portion of the transaction page, it will tell you what kind of coverage you have: partially eligible or eligible. If it says partially eligible, it means that you're covered for INR (if you can show electronic signature delivery confirmation) but not a chargeback; if it shows eligible it means they'll cover you for both.

    In most cases the sales go fine. Just make sure - as you know - to have traceable delivery with signature confirmation.