paypal addy switch for seller, etc

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  1. okay.

    my (older) brother was on my ebay account, trying to buy some things. he ended up buying something that turned out to be a scam (he didn't realize it at the time, i knew right away). there was, apprarently, an automated email (or something. looks VERY fishy to me) from the seller to the winner about how to pay that i got in my email. and then stated her paypal account was 'frozen' due to it being 'hacked' (bs). i told my brother i refuse to pay for this crap auction to another account (the price is the auction is irrelevent). i obligated to go ahead and pay for this? (change of paypal addy was not said in auction). or should i just take a negative for this, ruining my 100% positive?
  2. contact the seller to let them know you're not comfortable with paying via a method other than PayPal. If they're still pushing you to pay (within a certain time limit, etc.), take it up to eBay/PayPal. If they listed PayPal in the listing, then you should be allowed to pay using PayPal.

    I can't guarantee eBay will retract any negs (if the seller should decide to give you neg feedback) since i'm not reeeaallly familiar with how retractions work, but TECHNICALLY feedback CAN be retracted (through mutual retraction, etc). Even if it's not retracted, just follow up the feedback w/ your own comment so people can see it in the future. (i.e., I don't automatically reject a seller simply because s/he doesn't have 100% feedback. I know there are a LOT of ebay morons out there who simply enjoy giving neg feedback...i've been on the receiving end).
  3. well, she's saying i need to pay with paypal, which i have no problem doing...BUT it's to a different address (one not even associated with her ebay account). that's where the problem is.
  4. I would contact EBay Trust & Safety. Do not pay to any paypal account but the one in the auction.
  5. How does it say youre supposed to pay in the auction? I personally would NOT complete that transaction, and I would NEVER allow a family member to use my account. You should never go into business with family, borrow money from family or allow them to use your ebay account! (ha) .If you decide to pay for the item, proceed as it states on the auction, I wouldnt care if the seller paypal account is frozen or not, thats not the buyer problem. He should have disclosed something to that effect in his listing.
  6. the auction says pay via paypal (which is fine). but then she sent out an email after the auction ended about sending money to a different account. and, normally, i wouldn't have even noticed had she not pulled the "my other account is frozen due to..." crap. which means it got frozen because she was scamming people (imho).

    and normally i let my brother use my account, he's never done anything too awful on it. he was actually SUPPOSED to be selling those darn wii's and tickle me elmo's that he told me i just "had to buy" because they'll be such hot sellers (and they weren't. grrr).