Paypal actually came through for me!!!

  1. I bought two items from an Aussie online retalier, and after no communication whatsoever, the items finally arrived (after alnist 2 weeks), and one did not work. I contacted the retailer through their website several times and never rec'd a response, despite them saying they always respond within 48 hours.

    I filed with paypal immediately for "not as described". No response from the retailer. I then (after a week or two of waiting) escalated to claim. Still no communication.

    This morning, I have found that paypal has decided in my favour for the full amount!

    I imagine once the retailer catches on that they are missing funds, the will want their products back - that's fine!
    So paypal - today - YOU ROCK! :yahoo:
  2. Wow congratulations! I suspect that it's because the seller never responded and they automatically decided in your favour. Also, you were very lucky that they even had funds in their account. Most sellers move the funds out of PP as soon as they are paid!

  3. I think because they are an online retailer, people are constantly paying them via paypal. But, initially that was why I trusted them more! I won't be slandering this company - but if anyone wants to know who NOT to buy from, PM me!
  4. Congrats!
    That kind of happened to me once...I fell for a new seller selling a Primp thermal I really wanted but couldn't find anywhere. I should have known that, being new seller and only using a stock pic, that the transaction was risky.
    Well I paid and never received anything...I filed a dispute and they responded with a tracking number that only said it was ready for shipping when tracked on the Post Office's site. I won the claim and got my money back (and of course, never received my item). The seller must have done it to a lot of people because they were NARU soon after.
  5. Congrats! I'm glad they helped you out.