Paypal account question..

  1. I rarely buy off of e-bay, but there is one auction that I really want to bid on. In order to bid it says "paypal account required." Does this mean that I need to place money into my paypal account so I can transfer the money over if I win the auction? I would like to pay through paypal with just a credit card.

    Last time I bought an item on eBay I paid through paypal with a credit card but I don't think I logged into in order to do so..I was just redirected somewhere by eBay. I'm confused.. I don't want to make a bid right now to figure this out because I don't want to make the bid go up quickly.

    Could anyone explain this 'paypal account required' thing to me?
  2. As I understand you have registered for Paypal and linked your cc? then you can pay through paypal with your cc, you do not need to put money in the paypal account. I have my bankaccount linked also, that way I can make an instant transfer.
  3. I don't recall linking my credit card last time. When the auction finished, eBay asked me if I wanted to pay with paypal and I said yes.. but I don't remember logging into a paypal account. I just remember putting in my cc#.
  4. sarah1029 - If you have a Paypal account that's all that matters. That's what the seller is asking for, right?

    I have my bankaccount/Visa linked up to my Paypal account, and it always asks me to log in when I'm going to pay for something linked from eBay. I think you def. need to log in and all that.
  5. well you can't pay with paypal if you are not a registered member. Could it be that you signed up and that your computer remembers your information so you log in automatically ? When you paid the last time did you get a confirmation?
  6. The last time I used paypal + ebay was about a year ago so I dont think the computer remembers the information. I registered for paypal last time but since I don't recall logging into to directly pay I've been confused. I got into my old paypal account and it shows when I paid for the auction last time with a cc.

    I don't remember linking a credit card with the account though and I'm not sure how to find that out on
  7. When you register for Paypal, it will need your credit card to confirm ... so you must have put that in when you registered. Now that you are in your account look in your profile (the left tab) then under financial info, you will see cc...
  8. Remember that eBay redirects you to Paypal when you're going to pay for something.
    You don't neccessarily have to go to yourself.
  9. Hmm..I don't see a tab labeled "financial info." I do see that under status though it says "unverified": "you haven't added and confirmed a bank account, or approved PayPal Buyer Credit or PayPal Plus Credit Card to your PayPal Account"
  10. Oh! This is what I must be remembering. So when it says "paypal account required" it just means that I will have to put in my email/password and pay through the redirected site and with a credit card if I want to?
  11. when in your account you will see:
    my account overview

    above you have tabs the upper tabs with account.. send money

    under that you have another set of tabs
    overview ...add funds and in the end profice
    click on that one
  12. to register for paypal you must sign up with personal info and backup (where the money comes from or need to go to)
  13. Ah! I've found where the credit card is listed! Thank you so much guys!
  14. No problemo! Good luck with the bidding! :smile:
  15. You are welcome!!! good luck too