Paypal account got limited?

  1. I am a verified Paypal user, have not done any strange transactions.
    One month ago I checked my paypal account and it got limited, couldn't act on any transactions until I confirm my credit card informations.
    I don't really feel safe to expose my private information especially credit card information, would it be a problem if I go ahead update my information?

    BTW, it is not a scam, isn't it?

    From reading the forum, I feel very insecure with eBay and Paypal.

    Any advises?
    I got exactly the same email and when you click on the link you get asked to verify all your credit card details including your PIN number. Do not do it! Try not to even click on the link and forward the email to
    Hope this helps, paypal would never ask for your PIN number, so beware any email that does.
  3. Is your account limited when you sign in? As in, through the paypal website? If so you'll have to go to the resolution centre to follow the steps given there. Mine is limited too :sad:.
  4. Yep,have you resolved it?
  5. Nah, because they want a utility bill from me as proof of residence. Problem is, I board with people, so I don't have any utility bills under my name. I've emailed them countless times asking whether other documentation is acceptable and they say no. So i'm stuck... wheeee.

    If you're still nervous about doing this, i'd suggest you email help centre and ask them about it. If it is a scam, they'll tell you, though I doubt it because it's working from your account directly. If it's not, they'll tell you what to do and it should match up with what it tells you to do in the resolution centre.
  6. good luck. It's why don't use Pay Pal anymore. They limited my account because I hadn't provided any banking information to them for that account. Instead of linking the account to my bank account (which I'm not going to do) I would simply send myself a request for funds and then make a payment to myself. But then PayPal quit letting me then use those funds to pay sellers, I could only withdraw the money via PayPal check.

    Given the number of security problems I read about eBay, I figure it's only a matter of time before there is a major security problem with paypal. Maybe they will give me my money back (if they have a breach that lets someone clean out my bank account) but I'll still have the problem of dealing with the empty account until they resolve it.

    No thank you, eBay and PayPal. I just don't trust you enough to give you access to my bank account.
  7. Most banks have free personal checking accounts. Just go to another bank in your area, open up another checking account and leave it at a small balance (a few dollars). Then you can register the new checking with ebay or paypal and not fear of them having access to the main checking account that you use.
    Paypal cannot get your personal information from your bank as there are federal banking privacy rules on that. I have already confirmed that with my bank manager. They strictly work off your name and your checking account number.