Paypal account fraud

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Feb 9, 2006
Ladies, here is link to get a free credit report from each of three credit rating companies...if you space out when you request the reports, you can monitor your credit throughout the year. You can retrieve one free report per year from each company.

I retrieved one of mine and I could believe how many companies has actually requested my info...I guess that's how I end up with so much credit card junk mail.

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Feb 6, 2006
They're getting pretty clever these days, the fraudsters. A heads up wrt eBay spoof emails too... Whenever you get an email from a member (to an auction you've got or just a "contact member" email), do NOT reply to the yellow button in your email. Always log into eBay and reply thru "My Messages". There has been spoof emails like that before and if you clicked on the yellow button in your email, it takes u to the log in page which is not the legit eBay log in page but a scam one. Ppl fall for it and enter their user ID and password and there u have it, your eBay account will be hijacked.


Feb 2, 2006
San Francisco
I hate paypal.. my dh was involved in a big lawsuit with them a couple years back .. they screwed my friend over too and owe her 600 dollars which they froze her account and won't let her touch..


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Jan 3, 2006
I get a couple of these a week. PayPal said to forward them to them at Like everyone else said, just don't ever provide any of the info they want you to verify.


Nov 2, 2005
ArmCandyLuvr said:
As long as you didn't actually enter the information demanded and submit it, you should be fine. This is a common phishing scam that criminals use to get people's personal information. Definitely report it to Paypal though.
Exactly right! I got one of those e-mails and sent the link to paypal - they were very diligent about the problem, I had trouble using my own account next time I needed it because they were so on the alert.
lmpsola said:
Oh My gosh! Ladies and gent, today I was checking my mom's email, and to my surprised there was an email from paypal. This got my eye, since we haven't bought anything from Ebay, or used our paypal account since January. So I opened the mail, and it said something along the lines of thank you for your paypent to this company, for the amount of $400.00!:mad: I almost fainted. I was shocked, but soooo mad. However all this time the mail was weird looking, not that regualr mail you get when you use your account. So there was this link that said if you want to dispute this charge, clicked here, so I did. All this time you know the URL, it said something other than paypal. Next I noticed they wanted me to put my mom's info, and use her debit card, and give her atm pin number! That's when I thoght something was wrong. I just wrote to paypla, and checked the credit card balances, and they are ok. You know on the paypal history, it shows no new transactions. So now I am scared, you guys. Sorry this is so long, and borring, I just had to vent! I am scared, because my mom previously faced an identity theft like 2 years ago, so we are still a little traumatized. I keep telling myself everything will be ok. What other actions do you guys think I should take?:sad:
I've been getting those too! For a long time now! Luckily for me I didnt even notice until a few days ago because they always went straight to Junk Mail.


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Oct 29, 2005
I get them all the time too, even from banks. I usually just delete them. I figure if it's something important, they would at least send me a hard copy mail instead.


Jan 6, 2006
I get these once a week and also get them for a whole series of banks I have no relationship with. What's annoying is that if there were a real email mixed in I wouldn't even recognize it.


Feb 4, 2006
I get a lot of them too. It still angers me to think how frightened I was the first time it happened before I realized it was a scam.
Just an FYI: Both PayPal and eBay will ALWAYS address you by name when they e-mail you. Always! If you get a message seemingly from them that is not addressed to you by name, immediately forward it to either or, and then delete it. Both will send you a message saying you're right, it's a fake phishing e-mail (or "No, we really did send it" if they did).
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