Paypal account fraud

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  1. Oh My gosh! Ladies and gent, today I was checking my mom's email, and to my surprised there was an email from paypal. This got my eye, since we haven't bought anything from Ebay, or used our paypal account since January. So I opened the mail, and it said something along the lines of thank you for your paypent to this company, for the amount of $400.00!:mad: I almost fainted. I was shocked, but soooo mad. However all this time the mail was weird looking, not that regualr mail you get when you use your account. So there was this link that said if you want to dispute this charge, clicked here, so I did. All this time you know the URL, it said something other than paypal. Next I noticed they wanted me to put my mom's info, and use her debit card, and give her atm pin number! That's when I thoght something was wrong. I just wrote to paypla, and checked the credit card balances, and they are ok. You know on the paypal history, it shows no new transactions. So now I am scared, you guys. Sorry this is so long, and borring, I just had to vent! I am scared, because my mom previously faced an identity theft like 2 years ago, so we are still a little traumatized. I keep telling myself everything will be ok. What other actions do you guys think I should take?:sad:
  2. Contact PAYPAL immediately and give them the link......what a scary...I just opened a paypal account...freaks me out totally......Let us know what happens!
  3. right now if any information has been submitted, go to the bank and get everything changed/cancelled IMMEDIATELY and let them know of the situation. change any/all passwords that's related to the account/paypal as well.

    i've been duped of ebay fraud once even though i'm very careful of the mail i get, and quickly took action to change everything as fast as possible.

    Hope everything turns out ok.
  4. I say contact paypal and tell them.
  5. Thanks you guys!

    My mom didn't use the bank account, she has 2 credit cards on file, but only uses 1. I already called and check the balances, and they are ok. I hope so too!
  6. As long as you didn't actually enter the information demanded and submit it, you should be fine. This is a common phishing scam that criminals use to get people's personal information. Definitely report it to Paypal though.
  7. I already did contact paypla, and everything, so in that sense I am a little more calm. When I was submitting the claim, they told me to send them the email, and I did, so hopefully that also helps them!
  8. That scam's been around for a while and I've gotten like 3 of those. Sometimes an e-mail address that isn't even linked up to paypal at all will get one since they don't even know who has paypal or not so there's no connection with your personal accounts. If it's the same one, mine had an ebay auction number and product, but nothing matched up. The only thing you can really do is forward it to paypal/ebay's fraud/phishing dept and they handle it. There's really nothing else to be done from your end since they've sent millions of those in hopes a few will fall for it.
  9. Hi, I had that happen to me a few months ago. It's a Phishing scam, as long as you didn't enter in any information (like pin #,or credit card info), you should be ok. Still, you should forward the email to paypal. They (the phishers) sent me an email, looking like I had paid for some $400 electronics thing, but when I went to the real paypal site there was no new transactions, scared the crap out of me. I was shaking, and everything.
  10. yea as long as there is no info submitted.. but if the credit card number was even processed, it might be a good idea to cancel the card and get a new one.
  11. change your paypal password. this happened to me also.
  12. Yes, exactly! It scared the living cr*p out of me!

    Yes, no info was submitted! :smile:
  13. I almost get those emails daily. Make sure to forward them to . They will take it from there.

    I fell for it last year and typed in all my information. I hate that there are so many crooks out there!

    Make sure to check out the URL, notice theirs does no just say

    Sorry that this happened to you! Yea, I hope they catch them all!
  14. My bf gets a lot of these emails.. as long as you don't click any of the links and provide the requested info, you should be ok. Paypal will always address you with the name they have on file and all links will always start with
  15. I got them before. I always forward to paypal and delete.
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