Paypal $20 Rebate ... I Received Mine!!!

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  1. Did anyone else get their rebate?

    I checked my paypal account this morning and it was in there :yes:
  2. I just checked Paypal and I received the rebate too! Thanks for posting!
  3. Hmmmm...haven't gotten mine yet.
  4. what rebate?? how did you guys get rebate??
  5. I didn't get mine either. The last time I talked to them on the phone they said my account was on listed to get one.

    bags -you had to sign up by a certain time to get it.

    queen - who does it say its from? Does it have on the account column $20 rebate from Paypal?
  6. It just says Transfer From Paypal and in the Subject box it says something like "you have participated in ... $20 Rebate when you spend $50 or more ..."
  7. I been looking at what to buy and finally bought a new pair of jeans today for over $50.

    How long did it take for Paypal to reimburse you?
  8. you had to sign up back in November I think and then make the purchase by a certain date .... I bought a bag on Nov 27 and just got the rebate this week
  9. havent gotten mine either....
  10. I got one too! =)
  11. I am confused! Paypal rebates?
  12. i just checked my account as well and i got mine too :nuts:
    thanks heaps for posting this
  13. I got mine on Jan 8th...and it's in CDN of $20.
  14. I received mine, too! Thanks for the tip or i never would have looked!
  15. YAY!!! Got mine too!!!