Payment via Western Union bank in Ebay

  1. Hi everyone, i recently bought a LV bag from eBay. (Am not sure if i can disclose the seller's id here?) However the seller do not accept Paypal from international buyers and only accept bank wire transfer or Western Union Money transfer.

    I am agreeable to wire transfer but when i ask the seller for his details on the bank address and his address which is needed in order for my bank to transfer the money. The seller is not comfortable to release his details and insist on only Western union money transfer. (Correction for the title. It's western union money transfer, not western union bank.)

    I know there's alot of podders here also purchase LV bags through eBay too. Would like to check if this is normal? I am also curious why international paypal is not accepted? Is it due to charges?

    By the way, i check the ratings of the seller and it's 100%.

    Am pretty confused. What should i do? :s
  2. Paypal only offers protection to sellers shipping to confirmed addresses. As far as I know, only addresses in the US, Canada, and UK can be confirmed.

    I think if you do Western Union you won't have any protection if something goes wrong.
  3. Yes, no protection on your item if you send Western Union. If the original auction did not say "international PayPal not accepted" I would indicate that if they will not accept the PayPal that you would like him to relist the item. Since eBay discourages sending money via WesternUnion, since you can never really know who picks up the money, I don't think you would get a strike against you.
  4. eBay categorically state that sellers are NOT allowed to ask for payment by Western Union as there is no protection for buyers
  5. Taken from eBay

    Payment Services permitted on eBay:, Canadian Tire Money, cash2india, CertaPay,,,,,,,, XOOM

    Payment Services not permitted on eBay:,,,,,, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold,,, EuroGiro,, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay,,,,, Liberty Dollars,,,,,,, paypay, Postepay,,,, stamps, Stormpay, Western Union,,
  6. Ahh... I mentioned before I thought GoogleCheckout was not permitted, but quite a few people on here use it.

    So OP- based on this you could(?) you get it cancelled since they want payment in a form not allowed by eBay?
  7. Aww thanks everyone for the helpful info. :smile:

    Yes coachfreak, the seller did indicate no international paypal is accepted but only allow western union and wire bank transfer.

    I was planning to do a wire bank transfer when i bidded for it. May i ask if Wire bank transfer is allowed? And if there's any protection offered by EBAY? I browsed around EBAY but can't seem to find the information.

    Thank you so much everyone! :heart::heart:
  8. No DO NOT do a wire transfer, Money Order, etc. b/c you won't have any recourse if something goes wrong. Pay by CC via PayPal.
  9. At the end of the day you have to protect yourself and the only way of doing that is by paying with your credit card.

    Whereabouts is the seller? I know alot of German sellers only accept bank transfers
  10. if he stated as he would accept bank wire then he has to provide you the info needed, if not, just dont pay for it, it's not your fault

  11. Where I am, in order to pick up the money sent by Western Union Instant Money Transfer, WU will take a photocopy of my ID, and I have give all my personal info. So how is it that you can't tell who picks up the money? Does WU's rules change from place to place? WU won't release the money to any Tom Dick or Harry who shows up, it must be to the person specified by the buyer when she sends the money. And the name will be the ebay seller's name (as registered on ebay), isn't it? Am I missing something here?

    I've always thought the ebay disallows WU, because they want people to use Paypal only and obviously earn more money that way.
  12. Well, it's true that since bay and paypal are the same company, they get more money by paying through PP, but it's not the only reason why paying by WU is discouraged by ebay.....

    Ask yourself, would you send cash to an ebay seller for your item? Using WU is basically the same as using would you get your money back if something goes wrong?

  13. well, it's the same as bank wire too isn't it? how would you get your money back if something goes wrong? can one do a chargeback/reverse or whatever you call it for a bank wire? I really don't know, does anyone?

    what I don't get is why ebay permits bank wire but not WU? what sort of protection is there for the buyer? That's why I think the primary reason why ebay doesn't allow WU is just to generate more business for Paypal. As one can use cc to make a WU payment, that makes WU in direct competition with Paypal. Bank wire's totally different, so ebay leaves it alone.

    and actually I have sent cash to an ebay seller before, twice, but of course I checked on the sellers' feedback etc before doing so, and was totally nervous throughout until I received my items. It's definitely not something I'd recommend to anyone or do myself unless I'm desperate for the item.
  14. Kuromi, think hard and decide whether you'd want to pay by bank wire/WU/cash or whatever method which doesn't involve a cc. Know what sort of protection (or lack thereof) is available to you, then make an informed decision whether to proceed with the transaction. If you're not comfortable, then don't.

    Being outside the US, it's sometimes very difficult for buyers like you and me to find what they want and have sellers willing to accept Paypal and ship international. The advice which everyone rightly so gives is to use your cc to pay. But if it's a rare hard to find item etc, sometimes us international buyers find that we need to think really hard whether we want to risk it. That is up to you to decide. If it's not so hard to find, then maybe you'll like to wait, the right one will come along someday.

    If you don't proceed with this sale, be prepared for a negative feedback. If you offer to pay the seller's fees, you might appease him/her enough to not neg you. There're a lot of threads here which deal with this issue. Take a read.

    fyi, I'm not your seller, in case you or anyone is thinking this. =)
  15. I would say they're the same and I don't think you can do a charge back on a wire transfer, but not 100% on this.

    IDK....maybe even though the buyer is not protected using wire transfer, ebay is allowing it b/c they are getting money for it through PayPal....kinda like saying "if the buyer won't be protected using WU, then we might as well get some $ from it and allow wire transfer" :cursing:.

    You're lucky that nothing happened and the transaction went smoothly, but what if, if it didn't. I bet you wouldn't have sent cash the 2nd time around, no?