payment reminders

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  1. how long do you leave it between the auction ending/invoice sending etc etc and sending a message to remind the buyer to pay if they haven't done so? and how do you word it? i always feel like i'm being kinda rude and seem like i'm chasing my money :-/
  2. I invoice once and if they haven't paid by day 8 file a NPB
  3. I have sent payment reminders after 5 days. It actually worked twice, believe it or not. Everyone else has turned into a non-paying bidder. Ebay gives you 7 days - some buyers know this but most don't. Most will pay within 24 hours.
  4. I send payment reminders on the 4th day then after that it's a file for NPB.
  5. it's been 3 days... normally ok but it's a newbie... might remind her by day 5 and if i haven't heard anything/received payment by day 7 then it's npb.
  6. My auctions end on Sunday, I ship Monday and Thursdays. If they don't pay on Sunday, I ussually email them on Wednesday to remind them, then a NPB is filed on Monday if need be.