Payment plans with sellers..

  1. Quick question..i've been spending the last hour searching through the forum for a topic about payment or (layaway) plans with certain ebay sellers or let trade but cant find it! :sad: ]

    My question is does AUTHENTIC_LVLADY do this? She has the bag I am wanting soooooooo badly and I have emailed her 2 times asking this question and I havent even gotten a one has bid on her bag yet so I know its not like shes ignoring me (atleast i hope not!)so if you know if she does this can you let me know? Thanks!
  2. I dont know if AUTHENTIC_LVLADY does have a layaway plan - the only one that I saw having one is "trendymom" on Ebay and I know that some TPFers have bought from her with the layaway program maybe you will have some details soon. Good luck:yes:
  3. karenkooper,fashionphile and offer a layaway.
  4. I think its something you'd have to email the seller about. I know let-trade does.
  5. Thanks! :smile: The bag ended and no body bid on it and she still never answered my question! Augh!! Frustrating..

  6. Oh no..Let trade allows payment plan???:nuts:
  7. :wtf: No-one should have told me that Let Trade do a payment plan. I think I may be doomed if I can pay off a higher priced bag. :Push:
  8. ^Agreed. Now that I know let-trade has a payment plan, it looks as though the bags are even more accessible! NOOOOoooo....
  9. If she never answered your questions, do you really want to do business w/ her anyways?
    I wouldn't!

  10. Just FYI let-trade does not dot do payments on all items. the ones that they get in on consignment they do not offer payment plans
  11. Darn. Oh well, at least I'll save some money now! :nuts:
  12. I purchased my black Murakami Speedy from trendymom using a layaway program. I think I paid an extra $42 (her service charge) for the privilege. You do have to pay in 60 or 90 days and the first 1/3 of the payment is due upon the end of the auction. It definitely was a good way for me to take less of a financial hit.
  13. I did the same thing with her for my cerises bucket! It helped with justifying the purchase lol
  14. what's the correct seller id for trendymom. I did a seller search for that id and trendymom is not a seller -- has zero feedback, but there were a bunch of similar id's to choose from, none of which were currently selling anything. I've tried every variation of that id I can think of: trendymom, trendy-mom, trendy_mom, -- none of them sells LV's. How does one find this trendymom????
  15. Please- find another seller- the name sounded very familiar to me and after thinking about it remembered she is not one that you would want to transact with.