Payment on SO's

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  1. when you're putting in a special order, do you pay upfront or when you receive the bag?
  2. When the bag arrives. At my boutique, you need to leave credit card on file though. So I am told...they want to know you are a serious buyer and willing to leave the info.
  3. I think it depends on the store. My friend once placed an order (a regular Birkin order actually) and the store asked for 50% deposit, but then again that was in Asia and she has never shopped there prior to that...
  4. Babyhart, I read it depends on the boutique but where I SO, a deposit isn't required; however, when the bag is completed, they only accept wire transfer, AMEX, and other cards but not Visa/Mastercard.
  5. In my store, they don't ask for anything but I suppose that's because they know me (and my poor abused CCs) well enough to trust that I'll return to at least have a look at my SO when it comes.
  6. most of the times no deposit needed
    i just wish they would change that and make their customers comit by an downpayment :hysteric:
  7. None at my store. You only pay when the bag arrives and if you still like it!
  8. I dont think downpayment is a good idea, since it takes along time for them to deliver the SO bags... by then maybe other colors will be available and sometimes ppl taste just change. IMO
  9. if i am not sure i do not order! it is common practice everywhere else. for example you can not order a car say you want it red and when it arrives say no i a want it in silver are going to get sued.
    all these unwanted orders just block bags from people who love the bags and know what they want and won´t back off a sale
  10. I agree!!!!!!!! I also strongly prefer 'deposit' idea for comittment and to gurantee my bag. lilach, your example is so funny!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Yes, but at least if the bag is really incredibly unlike what you wanted... you can change your mind.

    And they have no troubles with selling the unwanted.
  12. I prefer putting in a deposit too, as long as the store WILL really order the bag when they say they will, and if they can't they should return the deposit and retake it before the next Podium time. I like the idea of guaranteeing a bag as well.
  13. I agree. And BTW, the store from where I ordered is like LaVan's, even for exotic leathers. Not sure about diamond bags, though:P
  14. Ditto my store.

    I wish they would take a despoist though - and lock you in to the current price of when the order was placed - wouldn't that be nice?
  15. I like the "locking the price" idea! But on the other hand, bags would never be on the floor if people didn't fail to purchase their orders. I'm not sure anyone has ever had to special order a car color and then had to wait two years for it...if so, new models would be out and the car would be outdated. Unless it's a Bentley or something.